Martin's Polish lodgers, Jun 16, 2012 - 201?.
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Martin T to the left, let out his spare flat to some nice poles. You have a long video of Martin's house, 235 MBytes worth. You also have a nice winter video, some 131 Mbytes long.

The boss is Thomasz. But he doesn't live there. He just pays.

Krysztof has just arrived. See his video where he presents himself.

Grzegorz is one of new ones as well. He and Krysztof will do some work for Martin. See his video here.

This is Piotrek, his English is lacking and he needs to learn more. A few words can he stutter. He has left Martin.

 He has left Martin.Rafal can speak well. Listen to him. He is an X-cop and have an email address as well. He speaks some English. He has left Martin.

Andrzej speaks next to nothing English. But he can say a few words on this clip.

Miroslav is another pole that speaks some English. I is not living with Martin.


On July 22nd, Martin, Piotrek and Rafal went to the shooting range.

Fromt the left Piotrek, Martin and Rafal did some fun shooting this Sunday.

Rafal is teachning Piotrek the basic sighting procedure. As an X-cop, he has experience with the Glock.

Rafal is trying the red point pistol, a .38Super gun. He was a reasonable shot.

Piotrek didn't hit much, neither with standard guns nor with the red point.

After the shoot, we had beer. Nice after the guns are packed away.

Back at Westwood, Martin has a giggle with Tomasz, the Boss and his son Alex.  

Piotrek, Martin and Rafal did some fun shooting on Monday, July 30th, 2012.

Martin is cleaning his guns before going to the shooting range.

Piotrek is getting some special teaching on how to prevent flinch or jerk while firing.

Piotrek got it right in the end.

Martin is practicing fast shooting. Watch the video.

Piotrek is ready to shoot.

And he managed very well. Watch the video.

Rafal had a go too. Watch the video.  

Piotrek and Martin did some fun shooting on Sunday, August 12th, 2012.

Piotrek tries his hand from 25 meters and with a red point. Here is a video showing Piotrek shooting plates.

Martin and Piotrek also tried their hand on 7 shots fast.


Tomasz Jakub Luszczkiewicz, innehaver and responsible for Martin's lodgers.

Telefon: 9070 3750


Below are the 5 that lives in Westwood as of June 13th, 2013.

  Tomasz Ciborowski

+48 517 198 555

  Krzysztof Krzyzaniak

  Woichieck Nowak

+48 785 019 897

 Krzysztof Gadomsky

+48 796 157 796


Andrzej Bartosz

On June 12th, Andrzej did not close his window. The bathroom window was open as well.



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