Feb 3 - 9, 2022, Ba Chuc and Saigon.
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Feb 3
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 4
off to Chau Doc

Feb 5
Ba Chuc

Feb 6

Feb 7
Off to Saigon

Feb 8
Saigon Mosque
Back to Nha Trang

Feb 9
Back in
Nha Trang

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The trip in its full length. First part with train, second with bus and third with taxi to Ba Chuc.

Nha Trang to SGN was travelled by railway. Martin likes that form of travel. The night from the 3rd to the 4th. The train was supposed to leave at 2055 hours. We arraved at Bien Hoa, where ViAnh and June joined Martin and arrived in Saigon at 0440 hours in the morning. On schedule.

The second leg was with bus, not so nice. SGN to Chau Doc on the Feb 4th.

The third leg was first on the 5th with taxi to Ba Chuc. A full  day of sightseeing.


Friday morning, the 4th, we arrived at 0440 in Saigon. ViAnh and June off the train and to the station.

Loading stuff into the taxi for the trip to the bus station.

First, we had to get our paper ticket.

But first, an early breakfast. Watch the clock on the wall.

This is the bus that took us to Chau Doc. Not a comfortable ride. the bed-seat are too small for Martin.

Off we went.

We arrived at Victoria Chau Doc hotel. A lovely place.

The hotel's call sign at the bottom of the pool.

Beautiful room. It is build in an old fashion style and Martin thought it was 100 years old, but it is only 22 years old. It has a lovely atmosphere.

From the balcony, we can see the river, part of the Mekong complex.

And there is a nice pool, 18 meters long.

Nice, rough towels at the pool.

Martin getting ready for a swim.

June and Martin at the pool.

ViAnh is there too.

The pool filled up very quickly. It is TET, main season of the year.

You can watch the river from the pool.

Time for a barbeque lupper.

It was very nicely done with the grill as part of the restaurant.

Here are all the the dishes you could chose from, at a stiff price. Very tasty and very lovely presented on your table.

Here area the oysters done in a very different and delicate way. Martin loved that.

The gang of 3 had a lovely evening and after all the traveling, 20 for Martin and 14 for ViAnh and June, we went to bed early and had a very comfy rest. The beds are great in the hotel.

On Thursday Saturday 5th, we went with taxi to Ba Chuc.


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