Oct 1 - 4, Dalat
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Oct01-Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 2, Dalat
day 1

Oct 3, Dalat
day 2

Oct 4, Back to Nha Trang

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Left Nha Trang on the 1st around noon and drove to Dalat with hired car and driver. Arrive around 4 hours later.
We took the inland route.

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Loading up the car outside Martin's room.

One of the many bird nests houses where the produce bird nests for soup.

Up the hills.

The valley below.

We are going over the hills to Dalat which is some 1200 meters above sea level.

The have a lot of green houses here, growing flowers, strawberries and vegetables.


More Greenhouses.

Our fancy restaurant, Valley Artist Restaurant.

The owner, artist and chef, Bien with Martin.

The restaurant is on the second floor. The artist himself on the third.

The second floor window to the restaurant.

Phuong in the restaurant.

The view is not much. A typical back alley, therefore the name.

Martin in the very delicate dining area.

Flower decoration.

Martin ordered one of his favorite, sweet and sour pork. Very good.

The view from the inside out.

The artists' paintings on the wall


Martin and Phuong inside.

The artist flowers in the window till.

Phoung outside.

At Dalat Wonderland Resort.

On Friday October 2nd, we took a city trip with our driver.


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