Aug 16 - 22, Coastal trip to Saigon and back.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Thailand and Cambodia.

Aug 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Aug 17
Mui Ne

Aug 18
Leaving Mui Ne

Aug 19
Vung Tau

Aug 20
Leaving Vung Tau

Aug 21

Aug 22
Back to Nha Trang

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On Sunday August 16th, we left for Mui Ne, some 4 hours away.

Click for bigger picture.

Our first stop is Mui Ne where we will be sleeping the night of the 16th and 17th. This is our hotel, Suoi TIen Hills Hotel.

Ready to go. Son, Martin and Phuong.

A beer stop on the road with a friendly salesman. Sugar cane in the forefront.

Fish farms along the roads. There are plenty of them.

Rice fields for ever. Rice is the stable food in South-East Asia.

More fish farms.

Nice pit stop.

You have to learn how to crap.

Phuong taking a stretcher.

Only one pagoda on the road.

Stopped for lunch.

Mai An restaurant by the sea.

Lovely sea view from the restaurant.

Martin and Phuong outside the restaurant on the sea side.

The Vietnamese love to make a mess.

Beach view.

Why throw empty beer bottles on the floor?

Martin with his oysters. He loves baked oysteers.

Phuong fooling around having her picture taken.

Phuong and Martin waiting for the food to be served.

Having fun.

The interior of the restaurant. It was really big and lot of tables and few guests. Martin was the only foreigner there.

Suoi TIen Hills Hotel, Phan Thiet in Mui Ne. A lovely hotel but an impossible road to get there.


But the pool is the best designed and thought out pool in Vietnam according to Martin and he has visited many.

Our car narrowly mange the road to get to the hotel.

It is not many much clearance on either side.

The hotel has 58 rooms. Only 2 were occupied giving it an occupancy rate of barely 5%.

Fantastic pool, some 35 meters long, 40 cm deep on the shallowest side and 1,6 meters on the deepest end.

One of the staff, not smiling.

The bathroom with open skies. The door was an unique and never seen before design. The door to the bathroom also served as a door to the toilet and shower section. A very smart, dual-purpose design.

The pool was slightly lower at the one end where the water flowed into an intricate filtering process. It is the clearest water Martin has seen in Vietnam.

The water pipes for the cleaning process is laid under the tiles so it is heated up and the pools is a very comfortable at 28-29 degree Centigrades.

Clearest water in Vietnam by far.

Also the design of the garden furniture was unique. Here Phuong in a rocking chair, ingeniously designed and constructed.

The pool is beautiful in then evening with the blue lights.

Best designed pool in Vietnam.

In the evening, we went to the Swiss house. See pictures from the next day.  

On Tuesday August 17th, we went sightseeing Mui Ne.


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