Feb 11, we went to Tuy Hoa.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

January Week 1
Off to Da Nang

January Week 2
Back to Nha Trang

January Week 3
Fooling around

January Week 4
Preparing for trip to Chau Doc & Ba Chuc

Feb 1-3
Trip preparations.

Feb 3
Off to Chau Doc & Ba Chuc

Feb 9th, Martin back in Nha Trang.

Feb 11th, Off to Tuy Hoa.

Feb 12th, Tuy Hoa.

Feb 13th, Tuy Hoa.

Feb 14th, Martin back in Nha Trang.

Feb 25th, off to Dak Lak.

Feb 26th, visiting Long Coffee farm.

Feb 27th, sightseeing Buon Ma Thuot.

Feb 28th, back to Nha Trang.

Mar 1-4, Nha Trang.

Mar 5, Fish restaurant.

Mar 6, City museum inTyu Hoa.

Mar 7, Back to Nha Trang

Week March 8-20, Nha Trang

Mar 20
Martin's birthday.

Mar 20-28
Nha trang.

Mar 29-Apr 2, Cambodia.

Apr 3-10
First week of April, 2022.


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Lot of hassle with the hotels. First Sala which was utterly useless, then Saigon in Tuy Hoa. The only hotel in Vietnam that demands to see your passport that you don't have due to the Immigration sitting on it for weeks. Never stay here.


We ended up in Luxury hotel. A nice, clean, cheap and friendly hotel. Recommended. Martin has visited it 3 times before.

Departing Champa in our new T-shirts.

Nice crowd.

Martin had his beer and need a leak. No pissoir. All gone.

Empty shops.

Empty and derelict houses.

Ditto petrol station.

The red flags indicate the TET holidays.

New roads are built.

An 8 kms long tunnel through the mountain.

Lovely green rice fields.

Arrived at our favorite restaurant in Tuy Hoa, Kicko Chi.

The food is lovely and varied. Martin loves the salmon strips on the grill.

They have a free ice-cream dispenser.

Very popular with grown-ups and children alike.

Sala Tuy Hoa Beach hotel

has the most unhelpful and useless manager I have ever met. Couldn't answer emails, promised to do so and did not. Said he had no rooms when he did. He should be fired.

The receptionist just as useless. Unfriendly, unhelpful didn't care. She hasn't heard about customer service. A shame for the hotel.

See the video.



On Saturday February 12th, it was time for more of the same.

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