Jul 19 - 25, Champa Island.
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Champa Island Resort is a lovely place in the middle of Nha Trang.

We arrive here on the 19th.

Martin tried to get a virus test. Closed.

Back to the room and dry pillows.

Ready to go to Champa Island Resort.

Arrived at Champa.

To the left, the bridge across the river, some of the islands building and the harbor.

The river on the one side.

The massive pool seen from our window.

June looking out on the river.

Very nice pool. Well maintained but not 100%.

Lovely evening pool, clear and blue.

The far end of the pool.

June had assortment of meats.

Martin had beer and burgers.

June on the way back through the very well equipped gym. Impressive.  

July 20th, lovely day with swimming, English, eating and sleeping.

The orange juice is perfect, no ice no sugar and no water.

Our room in the complex.

Breakfast at the pool bar.

The gym is nicely equipped with modern tools of all kind.

Empty main restaurant. Only te pool bar restaurant is open. Nice video of the restaurant and river.

Upriver from the hotel.

Martin ready for a swim. Getting ready, video.

After swim, a beer at the pool bar.

It is really nicely laid out.

The pool bar.

We had prawns and oysters for dinner.

Martin's favorite beer, Saigon Lager.

The pool bar at night looks lovely.

Massive hinges on the doors.

July 22nd, lovely day with swimming, English, eating and sleeping.

Seen here, a local condo owner.

Martin and Huong at the corner condo.

June and Martin at the reception.

Pool cleaner at night.

Martin's favorite beer, Saigon Lager.

Cheap it is too.

June with the seafood.

Te shrimps were enormous.

Hotpot is cooking.

Lovely, tranquil pool at night. Fantastic place.

July 22nd, looking at a new condo at Champa resort.

Martin's beef soup for breakfast with blood. Very nice.

The tea machine.

Martin funny face.

Lovely morning pool.


Pictures from the new condo, 1509.


The landlord with folding bed. Very smart and an extra bed if need be. Watch the video.



July 24th, we signed the contract.

Lovely flowers in the reception.

Martin and June having a beer waiting for Viet, The landlord or lessorl

Viet, June with contract and Martin.

June and Martin at the pool. We hope to stay till July 2022.

July 25th, moved in our temporary condo with 2 bedrooms. We may keep it.

Local transport within the complex.

Stopping at a pharmacy to buy Martin's medicines.

Martin is getting his junk together before moving out.

June getting all our junk up to the 5th floor and condo 1531.

Martin and his trusty helmet. Nice and big.

Saying goodbye to Binh's mother, the real boss.

Viet saying hello.

The water meter on moving in.

All the buildings on the island. Click for bigger pictures.

 Click for bigger pictures.

On Sunday July 26th, we were well established in our new 2 bedroom condo. Watch the video.

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