March 17 - 25, Da Nang, Vietnam.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Mar 17 - Arriving Da Nang

Mar 18 - First full day

Mar 19 - Sightseeing with dinner

Mar 20 - Martin 75 years old

Mar 21 - Another lazy day

Mar 22 - City tour

Mar 23 - Another lazy day

Mar 24 - Last lazy day. Soi 79

Mar 25 - Off to Nha Trang

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Martin spent 8 nights in Da Nang before going to Nha Trang.

The route to Da Nang. Click for bigger picture.


This is the route Martin took to get to Oscar's.

Oscar Boutique Hotel, the entrance.

The pool, which is just a little splash around basin, some 5 meters long.

Martin and his 6 o'clock beer at Don Muang.

Off to the plane in Don Muang.

Arrived in Da Nang 15 minutes before schedule.

Lovely sales lady that sold Martin his Vietnamese sim-card.

Ming received Martin with his name on.

Outside the airport in Da Nang.

Ming with Martin's stuff toddling along.

Streets of Da Nang.

California Fitness Center. Pool not for guests.

The pool at Paracel Sports Center.

The persons to contact at Paracel.

Oun and Martin at Oscar's.

Oun is very sweet.

The building is quite new and this is a nice atrium in the middle of complex.

The view from 403 is not much. Neither is the price.

On the 5th floor is a very nice veranda.

The pool on the 6th floor is nice, but to short to swim in. Only 7 meters.

City view from the top floor.

Towards the North.

Towards the South.  
On Monday March 18th, it was time to explore Da Nang with a swim at the Paracel Sport Center.     

The pool at Paracel Sport Center, Da Nang.


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