Feb 1 - 15, trip to Vietnam.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Dec 4
Departing Norway









Feb 1 - 4

Feb 4 - Vinh

Feb 5 - 7

Feb 7 - Dieu Tri

Feb 8 - 11
Nha Trang

Feb 11 - 15

Last week
in Thailand

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Our travel route in Vietnam by train, 6 stops using train.
Geir and Martin travelled together. Geir's web site you find here.

Geir early in the morning before departure.

On the way to the airport, Suza had on-board bar for us.

Suza and Geir at the airport.

Waiting for the check-in. Geir doing his bit on the phone.

Our check-in with the VietJetAir-line.

The prices on the airport was almost Norwegian standard. More than $4,- for a small beer. Not acceptable. The girls didn't care thou.

Martin at the check in.

The plane itself.

The flight took only 90 minutes to Hanoi. Here our belt.

Just in case, Martin took picture of the cab-driver's credentials.

Faulty ATM. Very frustrating.

More faulty ATMs.

At the hotel, Hanoi Royal Palace Hotel 2, they had actually flowers on their bed.

Fancy bed with Martin's stuff on it.


Martin at his favorite restaurant at the airport in BKK, The Mango Tree. Lovely duck served here.

At the airport in Hanoi.

Mr. Winter at the Hanoi Royal Palace Hotel 2.

In the evening, we went to The Little Kitchen next to our hotel.

Martin had a lovely rabbit and Geir chicken.

It was a lovely place.

The next day, Feb 2nd, it was off to HALONG BAY. But first a nice breakfast.

It was an amazing cable maze outside the restaurant and the scooter traffic was terrifying. Watch the video.

At the hotel, they had posters for their trip. We went to Halong Bay. Watch the video showing crossing the Red River in Hanoi.

Our tour guide, Hung spoke good English.

Half way there, we stopped for a look at some marble statues.

And there was time for a beer.

In the harbor, stacks of boats.

All over the place.

Geir under the sign saying it is the harbor authorities in charge.

A Vietnamese boat with the communist flag flying high.

Martin on the shuttle boat that took us to the main boat.

Geir and Martin on their way.

The captain of our boat, Royal Heritage.

Her it is.


The bar onboard was nicely manned and stocked.

Geir in our cabin.

The other guests on the boat. We were only 6.


Outside our cabin on the deck.

Nice fishing boat among the islands. Watch the video.



The lunch table was lovely with a lot of small dishes. Tasted really good.

After lunch, we sailed off among the islands.


The mist did it difficult to see much.

We landed and some of the youngsters claimed to the top. Not for Martin.

Some people even swam. The air temperature was 200 Centigrade. Not much, and the water was roughly the same.

Time for some cooking lessons. Hung, our tour guide was the chef. He did a good job.

Spring roll details.

Hung is giving a helping hand.

Martin got it right in the end.

Hung is checking the final results which was cooked and served with our dinner.

Tuesday, February 3rd was another misty day.

The captain of the ship was a friendly, smiling Vietnamese.

Geir on deck early in the morning.

The ID-number of our ship.

The lounge onboard. It would be very nice if the weather complied.

Another of the vessels, similar to ours.

Tourist ship with a sail.

The look impressive.

Sales lady early in the morning.

The same cave, now on the way back.

Our departure was celebrated with the crew.

The active crew member that took most of the photos.

Geir and Martin with the crew.

Nice tops sticking out of the water.

Local fisher boat. Watch the video.

Nice mountain gap.

One big boat carrying sand.

Farewell to our boat for the night.

The streets of Hanoi is very crowded as seen here.


Motor bikes are very popular.  

Off to Vinh, Wednesday February 4th, we travelled for 6 hours on the train.

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