Jul 28 - Oct 22, 2023.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Oslo, Norway & Saigon, Vietnam.

Jul 28, arriving Saigon, Vietnam

Jul 29,
Fixing camera

Jul 30,
Coco bar

Jul 31,
Saigon & camera

Aug 1, off to Vientiane

Aug 17, returned from Laos.

Aug 18, street food trip.

Aug 19, Back to Nha Trang.

Aug 21-22, Nha Trang.

Aug 24, off to Tuy Hoa

Aug 30, Back in Nha Trang

Sep 01-07, Nha Trang.

Sep 07, Leaving Nha Trang.

Sep 07, Rami's joint

Sep 08, Rami's joint

Sep 09, Salt fields

Sep 10, Rainy day

Sep 11, Back to Nha Trang.

Sep 11-14, Nha Trang.

Sep 14, Back in Tuy Hoa.

Sep 15, Tuy Hoa.

Sep 16, Tuy Hoa.

Sep 17, Chicken dinner.

Sep 18-21, Return to Nha Trang.

Sep 21, Off to Paradise Resort.

Sep 22, Paradise Resort.

Sep 23, Paradise Resort.

Sep 24, Paradise Resort.

Sep 25-30, Back to Nha Trang.

Oct 1-7, Nha Trang

Oct 7-10, Paradise Resort

Oct 10-16, Sala Grand, Tuy Hoa

Oct 17-21, Saigon

Oct 22, Back to Norway.


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Arriving in Doha and traveling across the airport in a wheelchair was great.


Martin his wheelchair. Nice ride.

Landed in Saigon and waiting for his luggage.

Martin skipping the passport queues in Saigon.

After checking in, we went to Hidden  House around the corner. Here is Toan.

Dish of the day, pumpkin with chicken,


They got a new waiter, Toan. Nice guy.

All 3 at the table.

Next door table had a load birthday party.

A25 Hotel had the fastest Internet connection Martin has ever seen. It was locally measured.

On Saturday Jul 29th,  it was the first full day in Vietnam for now. We went to the camera shop.


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