Nov 9, 2019 to Feb 4, 2020 - Vietnam 5th visit.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Nov 9
Leaving Norway

Nov 10

Nov 11
Off to Vietnam

NovWeek 2
Nha Trang

NovWeek 3
Nha Trang

NovWeek 4
Nha Trang

Nov 29
Tuy Hoa

Nov 30
Tuy Hoa

Dec 1
Tuy Hoa, big Pool

DecWeek 1
Tuy Hoa, big Pool

Dec 8

Dec 9

Dec 10
Back to Nha Trang

DecWeek 2
Nha Trang

DecWeek 3

DecWeek 4

Dec 28
Tyo Hoa

Dec 29
Tyo Hoa

Dec 30
Back to Nha Trang

Feb 4, 2020
Back in Norway

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Martin went to Bangkok and to Vietnam on the 11th of November.
Below is a direct path, which does not exist. Martin travels via Bangkok.

Click for bigger picture.

  Martin has visited Vietnam before. This is the 5th visit
  1. February 1 - 15, 2015, with Geir, from Hanoi to Saigon.
  2. September 1 - 3, 2017, on the Mekong.
  3. March 17 - May 17, 2019, Da Nang and Nha Trang.
  4. August 11 - September 30, 2019, Nha Trang.
  5. Nov 9 - February 4, 2020, Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Hanoi and Haiphong.
It had snowed over the night and some 15 centimeters came down.

MartinK's wheel tracks in the snow. He spent 20 minutes to shuffle the shit.

MartinK's car is snowed over.


MartinK picked up MartinT and took him to the railway station.


MartinT is ready to go.


MartinT is finished gearing up.

Arrived at the railway station at the airport.

Snowy landscape is passing by.

MartinT's backpack is special luggage. Nice so Martin T can bypass the check in queues.

Martin took his usual place at the restaurant and can overlook the planes.

Then he ordered a beer and nachos. Total NOK 269 or 665 269 ₫ in Vietnamese currency.


Here is the obscene bill. In Vietnam, a pint cost some NOK 12, or USD 1,40.

Leaving snowy Norway.

On Tuesday November 10th, Martin spent the day in Bangkok waiting for his flight to Vietnam on the 11th.Nov 10 - Bangkok for a day.


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Dec 25 - 31, Nha Trang, last week.