May 31 -Jun  8, 2021 - Whale Island /ViAnh & Phuong
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Leaving Nha Trang
for Whale Island

Jun 1
Whale Island

Jun 2
Whale Island

Jun 3
Whale Island

Jun 4
Whale Island

Jun 5
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 6
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 7 Back to
Nha trang


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We left with Ha's car 1030 and picked up ViAnh at Phuong's place and her. Total 2 hours and some.

Click for bigger picture.

Have a look at the history of Whale Island.

This is the map for our trip.

Packing up Phuong and ViAnh at Phuong's house.

Nice crowd ready to go.

The first stop was Phuong's place next to Garden Hills Restaurant in the skies.


Almost there. A lot of sand dunes on the South-bound leg.

Martin on the boat to the resort.

Ditto ViAnh.

Big bulk carrier.

The village seen from the boar.

What are these bulk carrier carrying? Wooden planks for furniture production, Martin was told.

ViAnh and Phuong.


Our resort area.

The bar area.

Diving center on the island.

They used to be busy before the shitty Chinese virus arrived on the scene.

Our local carrying Martin's back pack.

ViAnh in the room.

ViAnh and Martin.

Martin and Phuong.

Lovely lunch. Really nice selection ov Vietnamese food.

The view from the restaurant.

On Tuesday June 1st, we had our first full day at Whale Island.


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