Jan 1 - Mar 28, 2021, still in Vietnam.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Nha Trang
Jan 2021

First week of
Jan 2021

Second week of
Jan 2021

Leaving for Vung Tau
Jan 14

Third week of
Jan 2021

Da Nang
Jan 28

Da Nang
Jan 29

Da Nang
Jan 30

Back to Nha Trang
Jan 31

Nha Trang
First week of

Feb 2021

Feb 11

Nha Trang
Feb 20-21, 2021


Mar 28
Back to Norway

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Martin is still stuck in Vietnam, and his next flight is on March 28th, and it will leave, hopefully.
He will go to Saigon, Singapore, Warsaw and to Oslo.

Nha Trang to Oslo.

First leg to Singapore.

Singapore to Warsaw.

Last leg to Oslo.

Jelly BrewPub just opposite martin. Watch the video.


Ha, the manager of Crazy Kim's English school at the pub. He lives next door.

Lanh and Trinh.

Ha and Martin outside Jelly BrewPub having a good time.

Lanh, the bar owners wife, is a lovely, smart woman. Here with one of the staff Trinh.


Ha and Martin outside Jelly BrewPub having a good time.


Montana seen from the top.

Martin's corner just 200 meters from his room.

Martin and Phuong having a beer before Mockba restaurant.

It is nice to sit and watch the traffic from this corner.

Martin at Mockba restaurant.


Martin had a lovely Norwegian salmon and it tasted real.



Sunday January 10th, Martin had a haircut.  

On Thursday January 15th, Martin takes off for Vung Tau and Saigon.


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