Oct 16 - 18 Quy Nhon Resort
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Thailand and Cambodia.




Oct 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 17
Quy Nhon

Oct 18
Last day in
Quy Nhon

Oct 19
Stuck in
Tuy Hoa

Oct 20
Tuy Hoa

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We took the train to Dieu Tri and taxi to Quy Nhon.

Restaurant in Quy Nhon:

KIM House,  1,7 km
Hoa Hoa Seafoods Restaurant 1,7 kms
Seafood restaurant,  4,2
Lux Beer Garden,  2,9 kms

This is the route we take with the train to Dieu Tri.

Then we take the taxi to our hotel at Quy Nhon, Huong Viet Hotel. a very fancy hotel with excellent swimming opportunities.


Martin's room with travel goodies.

At Alpaca ready for a nice lunch.

Circle in Nha Trang with the 13th Communist Party Congress.

They have a lot of these flags.

Lot of police cadets on their route to Hanoi.

They really filled up the trained.

Smart fellow traveler who knew when Vietnam was first used as a nave for a land.

Martin having popcorn with his beer..

Outside the hotel on the way to a restaurant next door.

We checked in on the 8th floor and the dining hall was on the 14th floor and the pool on the 18th.

At the restaurant, the Vietnamese just throw their rubbish on the floor. Disgusting.  

On Satuday October 17th, we did sightseeing Quy Nhon after a nice swim and lovely breakfast.


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