Apr 7 - 17, Nha Thrang
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Apr Week 1

Apr 18
Off to Saigon

Apr 19
In Saigon

Apr 20
Off to Paris

Apr 21
Back in Norway


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After our trip to Cambodia, back in Nha Trang for 11 days before leaving for Norway.

  All Martin got was this stupid visa for 14 days. The Vietnamese  Department of Immigration is crooked and corrupt and is, for the present, investigated for Corruption and rightly so.  
  On April 9th, Martin went to Louisiane Brewhous & restaurant with their own brewery. Here is part of it. Martin had ox-tail soup. Very good and is recommended.


ViAnh and her ban split. Martin had the same.


Sunday April 10th ready for Tuy Hoa.

Martin and ViAnh.

Martin ready.

Look-out point half way there. Oil refinery on the beach.

Martin, ViAnh and June on the top.

ViAnh and June in our "Good morning Shirts".


Nice on the top.

Big fishing fleet in the bay.

Curious peak.

Typical VNs, throw rubbish all over the show.

Freight train going by.

Railway bridge.

New highway under construction.

KicoChi, Martin's favorite in Tuy Hoa.

Our driver Vienh.

Soup and grill.

A nice couple next door.

ViAnh cutting up meat before eating.

Martin's favorite, salmon belly grilled.

Birthday party.

Vien needs his nicotine.

Martin with his fatty prawns.

ViAnh having fun with Martin's hair.

Martin's fatty prawns. Not nice.

ViAnh is playing with big tower beers.

Lovely outdoor bathtub.

We can also hang up clothes to dry in the bathroom.

Monday April 11th, at morning pool.

The fish were up too.


In the afternoon, time for a beach beer.

It is lovely to watch the sea from the bar.

Martin enjoy his Saigon Chill, the best beer in Vietnam.

On the table next door, some very stupid local brats.

They just sit an paint their faces. Why cannot they do that at home.

But paint they do. Incredible stupid.

Then they left and never came back to pay for their drinks. Spoiled useless brats.

The sand blows in from the beach. Have to continuously remove it.

Monday April 12th, ViAnh in her nice yellow school dress uniform. Our last day for now.

The new "Grand Sala" next door.

The small pool was nice.

At 1300 hours, we checked out.

ViAnh's school shirt back.

Amazing wooden structure at a pit stop on the way back to Nha Trang.

It was enormous. Martin liked it.

June had a go at a tree trunk next to it.

On the side, was this enormous trunk.  
Friday April 15th, Martin got his ticket at last.

But it took time.

The model plane of Vietnamairlines.

Outside the office.

Off to la villa to say good bye to Snowy.

Very nice lady. Martin always enjoys visiting her.

  Saturday April 16th,  
Anna, the boss lady at Esenin Restaurant & Pub.

It is nice outside.

Martin and June looks great in yellow.

Martin's memory pills. It may help.

Sunday April 17th, time to say farewell to my class.

Off to Thon restaurant for a lovely lunch.

Xuyen, restaurant manager.

His name tag.

The spare rib at this place is fantastic.

Off to fill up gas.

Petrol is half the Norwegian prices and Norway pumps 4 mill barrels a day, Vietnam none.

There were 2 Norwegians at Mockba this day, Tore and Terje.

Minh, June and Martin.

Hana with her 2 sons and min.

Hana is a lovely women, smart and does a good job with her children.

Hana and her boys.

Together at the table. Duc is missing.

Yen is not photographic.

June and a relaxed Yen.

Duc showed up, 80 minutes late.

Minh likes to sing.

On Wednesday March 18th, it was time to leave for Saigon and Norway.

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