Jun 18 - 23, with fishing trip.
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Back after some lazy days in Mui Ne.

On Saturday, June 19th, time for a fishing trip.

Embarking 0550 in the morning.

Martin soon found his place.


Embarking 0550 in the morning.

Martin soon found his place.

Just left shore. See the video.

The massive, empty residential blocks in the background. The fishing boats in the foreground.

The Vietnamese love to eat. Here, the breakfast before starting fishing.


The main main, first out.

And it piles up.

The fishing boats at anchor with their "supporting bathtubs" in a line.

Leaving the city.

The fishing crew, 5 men and 3 women. Very nice outing.  
The catch is divided into to sorts, big and small.

Mostly small was caught.

Pariser wheel at one of the biggest amusement parks in the country. Closed due to China virus.

The wheel seen from afar and the resort to the left.


The skyline behind us.

The skyline gone.

Phuong got a squid.

ViAnh is learning the tricks.

Phuong son got 2 in one go. Plenty fish, but not big.

It is kept cool by a big ice block in the middle of a cool box.

After an hour of practice, ViAnh got very good at it.

A seagull took a break on some rubbish.

We even caught a blow fish. It was immediately thrown back into the sea. It is highly poisonous and cannot be eaten by normal people. Only trained chef can handle this one.

Thorough cleaning started.

The catch.

It gets thoroughly cleaned by scraping the shells off.

Cutting the heads of and then gutting it.

Then the veggies were thoroughly cleaned and a lovely fish soup was made.

Most fishes are dick size.

The men at the front of the boat. Total 7 men and 3 ladies on board.

The crispy, fried small fish, after being cleaned and deep fried were really tasty.

Nice to eat. And a nice video to boot.

Lunch is served. Very tasty and healthy. No shit food.

The food was cooked in the belly of the boat.

Martin had a 2 hours nap. 9 hours is too much for an old man.

Inside from the wheelhouse of the boat.

Lovely rocky house in the entrance to the city.

It looks like a cozy place, but very impractical.

Big empty, residential blocks in the sky line.

Some very expensive housing on an island in the harbour.

Fishing boats are lined up.

A big, yellow locks serves as a land mark.

ViAnh is disembarking from our 9 hours trip. It was fun for her and the old man, Martin.  

On Thursday Jun 24th, it was time for the last week of June.

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