Feb 8-11, Trip to Tuy Hoa again.
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We started the week with a trip to Tuy Hoa.

Linh, Patrick, June and Martin are ready to depart for Tuy Hoa.

Nice crowd.

We took the scenic route and made a stop-over at Dai Lanh Beach.

The resort had a beautiful swimming pool.

And and old car sitting on the beach.

Martin and the car.

Here joined by June.

The Beach.

June on the beach with Linh and Patrick in the background.

A view of the sea below.

Arriving at Tuy Hoa, we had a nice lunch at Kico Chi, but still no card nor credit card reader.

June was very happy with the room we got

Nice view of Sala beach below.

June with nice letter from the GM, Rami.

Rami gave us complimentary bottle of red Italian wine. Martin don't like wine so it was for June.

The beach seen for our room. Very nice.

Martin is posing with the wine, but drinking the beer.

The wine was complementary from the boss, Rami Obeid General Manager of Sala Grand TuyHoa Hotel. A very capable MG that will make your stay very memorable.

He was born in St Petersburg in 1977 by a Lebanese father and Polish mother. He grew up in Beirut. He lived there from 1980 till 1998 when he left for Switzerland to get degrees in hotel and business management He speaks fluent Russian, Arab, French and English..

Before he came to Sala, he spent 2 years at a resort in Nepal. His family lives in Da Nang. Rami has twin boys of 4 and spend 4 days with his family a month there.


Thursday, Feb 9th were our fist full day.

Very nice pool on top floor is approx. 15 meters long. 160 to 100  cm deep.

Pool side trees.


Sun bed not in use in the mornings.

Martin relaxing after his 80 laps. Some 90 minutes. Good exercise.

Nice palm trees.

A very nice restaurant at the 3rd floor with everything.

The bacon was really nice.

The selection aw great. A lot of nice stuff to choose from.

In the afternoon, Patrick and ViAnh went swimming.

Patrick and Linh. Nice couple

Patrick and Linh with some fancy tattoos.

ViAnh always enjoys her food before going back to school.

The best view Martin has ever had from the crapper. The whole of Tuy Hoa outside your window.

Even a big bush in the toilet.

The sea view from the bed is amazing.

The window to the left of the bed. Nice.


In the evening, there were a pianist playing in the lobby.

June is in the reception working on her phone as always.

Friday, Feb 10th were our last full day.

June and ViAhn the pool together. Watch the video.

Thoughtful, non-smiling June in the pool.

June and ViAhn.

ViAhn loves her granny.

June getting some exercise.

They have brown bread too in the restaurant.

One let-down in the hotel. The connection to the TV from the PC does not work, even though the HDVI-contact is on the TV.


Martin had steak for dinner and June and ViAhn had chicken hot-pot.

Saturday, Feb 11th we went back to Nha Trang.

The room is very well equipped with 4 USB charging contacts next to the bed. Needed in today's society.

Plenty of normal contacts all over the show.

A little bit on the fancy side. You need a smart phone to read the room service menu.

Lovely breakfast with dark, brown nutritional bread.

Movement sensors for the light in the hallway. It is dark.

Until you step into the corridor. Then the lights are switched on. Very smart and cost effective.

In the pool bar on the 17th floor, they have this very decorative bottle holder with water filled bottles.

ViAnh is contemplating her hair clip.

ViAnh is pulling faces at Martin.

Marin is having a farewell beer.

ViAnh has a traditional hotpot grill on the table. Fun and tasty.

Martin's tigers on ice.


Martin's evening tigers. Lovely beer.


On Sunday February 12th, it was time for another week in Tuy Hoa.

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