Mar 15-19, Yuy Hoa again.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Leaving Norway

Jan 24

Jan 25

Jan 26
Genocide Museum

Jan 27
Booze Cruise

Jan 28
Shooting range

Jan 29
Back to Saigon

Jan 30
Tuy Hoa

Jan 31
Tuy Hoa

Feb 1-7
Nha Trang

Feb 8-11
Tuy Hoa

Feb 12-20
Nha Trang

Feb 21-28
Nha Trang

Mar 1-8
Nha Trang

Mar 9-14
SGN-Nha Trang

Mar 15-19
Tuy Hoa

Mar 20-31
Nha Trang

Apr 22
Leaving for Norway

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We arrived at the hotel around 0500 from SGN on the 15th.

Lovely couple that we shared cabin with on the train from SGN.

We had a nice breakfast. Fantastic selection of everything.

Then time for a swim. On the 17th floor, it was nobody there around 1100 in the morning.

Very nice pool.

Sala Garden next door dwarfs in comparison.

Martin enjoyed a full hour swim this morning. Here with ViAnh.

Lovely pool. Martin Likes it on top of the building on the 17th floor.  

Thursday, March 15th, Martin enjoyed his morning swim as always.

Nice pool as always.

A group of people had breakfast on the 17th floor this morning at 0600.

Martin went to the BIDV and met this nice lady there.  

Friday, March 18th, we had dinner at Sala.

Sala  Grand, lovely place.

Beach view from dinner table.

Flower pool next to dinner table.

Fishing-boat, the hallmark of the owner.

Bar man next to 25m ground pool.  

Saturday, March 19th, was our last day at Sala.

Having our last breakfast.

Tne sunrise seen from our bed.

Nice t-shirts.

In the afternoon, visit to Nam's in-laws.

Kicochi House Ph Yn, is Martins favorite in Tuy Hoa.

Excellent food, both grilled and hotpot.

Changing grilling grid.

The 3-some.

All of us with Smiley and Grumpy

Close-up of Smiley and Grumpy.


Ice-cream makes you fat

Somebody likes chicken toes. Martin does not.

Bui that promised Martin Chill on the 30th of March, 2023.

On the railway station, we saw this beautiful, grey haired lady.

On Monday March 20th, it was time for for Martin's 79th birthday.

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