Jan 25  - 31, last week in Nang Rong for now.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Last week in Nang Rong before going to Vietnam.

Cassava fields outside Nang Rong.

It is a big barbeque restaurant. Nice cups and the resident lady shows them off.

The chairs and indoor areas.

The name of the restaurant. Not recommended, the owner is a grumpy old man that don't like guests.

The are picking up the cassava from the ground.

Lai with Boon, the hurt puppy.

Lai and Boon.

In the evening, time for a visit to "Tip Safely" for  an evening meal.

"Tip Safely" is onomatopoetic for the Thai name. It sounds like "Tip Safely". Whatever that means in Thai. Or just a name.

PEA, where you pay your electricity bills in Thailand.

Lai on her way to PEA to argue what was just a misunderstanding on Lai's part. See the argument here.


Boon, Martin's unlucky dog was run over by a car and broke her leg.

Boon in Martin's lap.

Another pregnant dog in the street. Unfortunately, they don't spade the dogs in Thailand as often as they should. Wild dogs are problem many places.

Martin is ready for a hair-cut at Nang Rong.

Martin after the hair-cut. Neat and nice.

In the evening, time for big fish. Lai is ready for a fight.

Martin and pool cleaner at The  Akelada Hotel. Very nice pool.

Lai waiting for Martin at the Royal Lake. There is a lot of traffic on this road. See video.

Feb 30th, the last day before departing for Jomtien and Vietnam. This is the outside wall of a veird establishment in Nang Rong.

The chairs outside is really special, made of oil-drums.

The writing on the walls inside is ever veirder.

Lai in her new dress.


At Home Ming with the boss, Berm.

Next door is Kevin's Pizza, a place for English speakers to meet.

Here is his place.

In the evening Suza, Martin's long-term driver arrived. We went to a barbeque buffet which is very popular.

Martin and Boss that never smiles.

Suza, Martin and Boss at the table.

Martin is making soup.

Martin, Lai and Boss.

Martin, Boss and Lai.

Jan 31st, off off Jomtien.  Suza just had a shower.

Suza is making the car ready.

On the way out of Nang Nong, we passed The Tin Man restaurant.

Having a pit stop and lunch.

The rear of the building is rare.

Martin, Suza and Lai having a nice lunch.

A nice Thai traveler at a traffic light.

Another pit stop. One Cup Coffee.

Lai with Suza's car.

In the evening, Geir and Ranghild.

The next week, Sunday February 1st, it was time to go to Vietnam.

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