Jan 16 - 24, still Nang Rong
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The days are passing into each other with boring monotony in Nang Rang.

On the 16th, Toy came around to cook with Lai on the outdoor grill in the back yard.

On the menu was papaya salad, Thai style and self caught cat fish. Not Martin's favorite though.

Lai and Toy hard at work.

Lai buys a lot of flowers. Seen here.

The following day, Lai and Martin went to big fish mama for dinner.

In the evening, another visit to "The Fish Barbeque" of Nang Rong.

On the morning of the 19th, time for a swim, again. Sexy Lai after the shower.

Here, Lai is in the shower area of the  Akelada Hotel.

Martin with finishing touches preventing athlete's foot.

In the evening, time for some local fish for the family.

Lai with her son Boss and her Mother.

The next day, Jan 20th, time for some lakeside fish. The sun is setting over the Royal Lake of Nang Rong.

Lake view from the street-side restaurant.

One of the fish customers stopping by to pick up a fish.

Martin is enjoying the fish. Grilled fish is fat free and the salad also. A lovely, low-calorie meal.

Nice fish table.

The fish salesman, wife and friend.

The fish is just grilled with lemongrass inside to take the fishy small away.

The grill is next to the road.

The following day, a visit to Home Ming. Martin's beer arrive.

On the 23rd, we went to  "Tip Safely".

And this is what  "Tip Safely" translate to in Thai.

The traditional Korean Barbeque is a nice way to cook and eat. Here the soup.

And the last of the beer before the sun sets.

On the 24th, we cam back to ???, but this time for sweet & sour fish.

We found a wounded dog with a broken leg.

Boss takes care of the poor dog. We try to see if it survives.  

The next week, Saturday January 24th, it was the last week in Nang Rong before going back to Jomtien and Vietnam.

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