Feb 11 - 15, Visit to Saigon for 4 nights.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Feb 4 - Vinh

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Nha Trang

Feb 11 - 15

Last week
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The train-ride took some 8 hours plus, but we had berth bunks on the train.

Farewell to Dendro hotel for now. They had excellent Internet connections. The best so far in Vietnam.

The beach front of Nha Trang was nice and warm this sunny morning.

Nha Trang railway station.

They had the text in English as well.

Geir at the railway station just before the arrival of the train.

It arrived, a little late this noon.

Doi Moi was the name of the locomotive pulling this train.

Geir off to our coach with two berths in it. Only US $ 11,- was the extra costs for these two beds. Well worth it.

Geir on his berth.

Martin on his.

Off we go to Saigon. Watch the video taken during the trip.

A stone quarry along the tracks. Can also be seen on the video above.


A stop-over in a little town called Cam Khong. Just a few of them during the 8 hours plus trip.

A river we crossed on our trip.

Rice paddies are always very green in South-East Asia. Vietnam is no exception.

Favorite food for travelers. Corn on the cob. Very sweet and tasty. Try it.

The cob been peeled for Martin.

Martin is enjoying his cob with a rice-cake and beers.

Geir at our lunch table.

Stones and grave. You find the graves all over the country side in Vietnam. In the most unlikely places.

Preparing meat for skewers to be sold on the train.

The lady is hard on it as well.

Our cabin from the inside. Really comfortable and worth the money.

In Saigon, the motorbike traffic is incredible. Three happy bikers on one bike.

Lovely street decorations.

This happy cab-driver took us safely to our hotel.

The Sunland Hotel.

Martin having a beer at a street restaurant.

It is really crowded and popular.

Making snails next to the main street.

Martin had some local beers.

Martin had a mussel soup as well.  
Feb 12th, the breakfast was served indoors as well as outdoors.

The hotel from the inside.




To the left, The Russian Market, above picture from the bustling market of Saigon and Geir & Martin having their morning beer.

Our hotel seen from the street level.

The amount of motor-bikes in Saigon is staggering. See this video.

  Recycling rubbish.

Man hard at work sorting different metals from each other.

Nice, big, icy beer glasses at Quan-An restaurant.

Lady selling fruit. There are hundreds of them in Saigon.

Coffins at an undertaker.

The wild boar menu at Qan-An 22 restaurant. Martin tried one.

The sign of Quan An 22 restaurant.

Details of the restaurant.

Collecting rubbish for recycling.

Geir on his way back to the hotel.

In the evening, we went on a short boat trip on the Mekong river.

Downtown Saigon at night. Some impressive buildings there.

Geir with the soup. The food was very expensive and adequate. Nothing fantastic and the beer was 3 times normal price.

But the flamenco dancers were very good.

On the way back to the hotel, we got ripped off by this taxi. He charged twice the normal rate.

February 12th, our tour guide Jackie for the day.

February 12th, time to visit the tunnel complex outside Saigon. BBQ-ribs display on the road.

Nice house on the way out of the city.

Typical Vietnamese house. Narrow and 3 stories tall.

Another  one of them.

Nice lady outside a bar. The ladies are all dressed up in conjunction to the Chinese New Year.

Crossroad out of time.

Another narrow house.

Martin is fascinated by these houses.

To a factory for handicapped persons from agent orange.

They are sitting in an assembly line making pottery paintings.

Here are some of the mugs. They are expensive and can be sent to all parts of the world.

A canal next to the factory.

An overview of the underground complex in the jungle used during the Vietnam war from 1962 to 1972.

A detailed map.

The forest is back.

Part of the underground complex. The complex is on 3 levels.

The opening down to the complex.

It is very narrow as can be seen here.

The opening is widened up for tourists. They are not skinny, small Vietnamese that can fit in them.

Here Geir is on his way up one of them.

Booby trap.

A set-up of the Viet Cong fighters of the day.

An ant-hill used as an air vent.

Derelict American tank knocked out by the VC or Charlie as he was called by American GIs.

The tank with a 90 mm gun.

Another set of booby-traps. Nasty stuff.

If you fell into one of them, your leg is sure to go if not your life.

Booby-traps used in the tunnels.

Another trap.

Various American ordnance.

More bombs of various kinds.

Jackie on top of a smoke vent. There is hardly any smoke coming out. Very well camouflaged.

Bomb manufacture. The visit was terminated with a visit to the shooting range. See the video. Martin bought some key rings with bullets in them and kept some of the brass after the shooting. The commies at the airport confiscated everything. Bastards.  
Back to town, Geir and Martin went for a walk past these nice flowers.

In the evening, time for some good food.

Martin and Geir having a beer before going back to the hotel.  
Feb14th, time for a rickshaw trip around the city.

The two on top of a rickshaw each.

With Vietnamese hats.

The guides from Cyclo were nice.

In the flower market, you had plenty flowers all over the place.

This again in conjunction with the Chinese New Year on the 19th of February, the year of the Sheep.

Nice pot plants.

And lots of other plants. Nice they were.

Overview of the plants.

Some fancy potplants.

Lucky stones.

Goat flowers.

Red flowers.

Time to go to the war museum. The mother made out of American sharpnel.

American jet fighters, F5, freedom fighters.

French guillotine left by the French.

Tiger cages. Nasty inventions made by the French and used by the Vietnamese and Americans to contain prisoners.

Rows of them.

Prisoner inside one of these cages. Where is God in all of this? He doesn't care.

After the visit, time for beer.

Our Cyclo tour guide with their distinct yellow shirts.

The post office made by the French in 1886 and finished in 1891.

Inside the post office with Ho Chi Minh in the background.

Two lovely, sexy girls in the post office selling stuff of all kind.

A fancy shop we did not shop in. Too expensive or so we thought. The whole trip can be seen on this video. It is 20 minutes long and 250 Mbytes of download. It is 3 hours of travel cooked down to 20 minutes. Martin liked watching it.

Some cops are moving a plant.

Recycling center is active most of the day and night.

Menu with goat meat. Didn't taste much of a goat.

Recycling center.

Restaurant street.

Street kitchen.

Martin's snail meal.

The gay boy we met earlier the day in the restaurant street.

Eels waiting to be grilled.

Eels on the grill.

Eel-meal, tasted like old bicycle tubes. Not nice.

The leftover eels. Martin felt sick.  
Feb15th, saying goodbye to Mads from Denmark and our gay guy at a local street pub.

Waiting in the reception of the Sunland hotel before going off to Bangkok.

Bye to Sunland hotel. It was nice.

Our cab driver that took us to the airport.

The cucumber of Saigon.

A blue house in Saigon.

Departure hall of Saigon.

Geir getting his beer.

Jotun is present as well.

Waiting in line. The opened only 2 hours before departure. Not good enough.

Slow starter. Used 4 min per check-in. Not good enough. Then we were harassed by commie customs. They took away the souvenirs picked up at the shooting range. They were unfriendly, unsmiling, unhelpful and basically not nice.

This lady was faster. She used only 2 min per customer.

Getting a bite to eat before rushing off. The customs and security took in total 90 minutes. This by unfriendly commies.

One airplane on the tarmac waiting to take off.

Another plane on the runway. Then we were off to Thailand, the land of smiles. Vietnam is not worth it. Thailand is much better in all respect. Somewhat more expensive though.  

The next week, Sunday February 15th, back in Jomtien.

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