Feb 15, last week in Thailand for now.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Our last week in Thailand. Martin leaves on the 22nd.

We stayed here at Silversand Villa for 5 nights before going to Bangkok.

Time to get some photos from immigration.

Surf Kitchen brunch restaurant. Very nice with excellent food.

Lai for brunch at Surf Kitchen restaurant.

The fish pond at Silversand Villa.

Martin and his beers.

Lai with her beer.

At immigration again. Busy girl.

Two colorful houses seen from Geir's condo.

The pool outside S2. Martin prefers the one at A1.

Lai with her white morning face.

Lai ready to get out out of the hotel. She looks nice.

Cops at Surf Kitchen.

Happy cops after cleaning up the beach. A hopeless, ridiculous rule preventing umbrellas, beds, eating and drinking on the beach. Not good for tourism. See the new look beaches.

The swimming pool at Silversand Villa.

Oslo Tailors next to our hotel.

Denmark Hotel with an excellent buffet breakfast. Worth a visit.

Outside the restaurant. If weather allows, you can eat there as well.

One nice brick column outside Silversand Villa.

Martin working hard on his computer. Nice selfie of him and Lai.

Fish at Surf Beach Kitchen Hotel. Red snapper on the menu.

Lai had her fish boiled.

The pool at Silversand Villa is very nice.

Clean and still in the morning at 0700.

Martin getting ready for his daily 2000 meters' swim.

Just jumped into the drink adjusting his swimming glasses.

Morning view of the pool.

Martin at it. It takes him some 70 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

Martin finished his shower.

Martin is packing up his gear.

Friday, August 20th, off to Bangkok and Ambassador hotel. Martin is enjoying an old Christmas beer he gave Suza for Christmas.

Fancy green bus on the road.

Details of the green bus. For a video of the trip, watch it here. It is quite fascinating and a 68 Mbyte long .ASF-fil.

The morning of the 21st, time to visit the pool.

Good bye to Suza for now. He will pick us up on Sunday at 1030 for departure to the airport with Martin and Lai to the bus stop.

It is Chinese New Year, the year of The Sheep.

In the evening, Martin's favorite German food, crispy pork knuckle (eisbein) with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

The restaurant is just outside the main entrance of The Ambassador and 100 meters to the right.

Lai likes the fancy buses.

In the morning of the 21st, time for a buffet breakfast at The Ambassador.

Chavalit, Martin's old friend at The Ambassador works in the restaurant now.

Martin with another friend at the hotel. Aree.

Lai at the swimming pool. She is lazy and didn't want to swim.

Lai likes to pose instead.

The tower block at The Ambassador hotel.

Martin to the left for the two fat woman from India.

Martin doing his laps.

40% backstrokes and 60% crawl. Total of 2000 meters.

Martin is finished. Well done.

Lovely Lai and Martin at the pool.

Nice creepers next to Rosabieng.

Walking down the street and a parking lot.



Lai and her Buddha.

Martin and his beer.

Lai's favorite building in Bangkok.

Zaw, Martin's pill seller.

Martin ant Tot at Rosabieng.

Evening meal with jazz music. Fried, dried pork.


Our evening table.

Feb22nd, Martin is off to Norway. And the last swim in Thailand this time.

Martin enjoys his pool.

The main wing where Martin stays.

The pool is nice,  but a little bit murky this time.

Martin happy after his 2000 meters in the pool.

Farewell to Martin's favorite room, 363 at The Ambassador Hotel.

Waiting for Suza.

More waiting for Suza.

Lai waits too.

Next to a big flower pot.

The court yard for the Ambassador Hotel.

Then time to take off to the airport. Video here. Bye to Suza for now.

Lai says good-bye to Martin.

Off to the gate.

Shops at all the corners at the airport.

Then back to Norway and sleet at Drammen railway station and the house in Westwood.

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