Dec 17 - 23, Nang Rong
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Martin settled in to the daily routines of Nang Rong.

Lai is decorating the house for Christmas.

Lai and her cap from IPSC Thailand.

Lai is having a beer at Home Ming, our favorite lunch restaurant.

The view from the Home Ming.

The lake view.


Martin with the new sweater he got from Lai. Nice to have in Thailand when the temperature drops to 20 degrees.

Martin's pork leg. Thai style, not German and too sloopy.

Martin digging into his sloppy pork leg.

On Dec 17th, Bruce the neighbor turned 63.

Bruce with his Thai family and Lai.

Bruce with his birthday cake.

Very nice with 63 on it.

On December 18th, Martin went to the Post Office to pick up Lai's insurance papers.

Busy area for letters.

Here is the delivery part of the Post Office.

We stopped to buy some water melon from this guy that wanted a European woman to live with and pay for him.

Back to Home Ming. Nice place.

Home Ming from across the road. Watch the video.

Home Ming from the inside. A lovely, cheap place with good food. Five dishes and two big beers only some US $ 9,00. That's cheap. :-)

Lai's Buddha temple in her garden.

Lai's fish pond in the garden.

Lai's sewage cover had broken and need a new one. Diameter is 12 centimeters.

Lai's rubbish bin that is not used as such.

The rear end of the car and Lai's concrete chairs on the street.

Lai's son Boss, is fishing in the pond behind the house. Lai with part of the catch.

Time for a visit to the Internet café.

The big lake.

The buildings on the far side of the lake.


Water Lillis in the lake.

The new restaurant aptly called "Tip Safely".

Inside, a new beer machine for up to mugs for 3 liters.

View from the restaurant.

Windy palms on the restaurant grounds.

The new restaurant "Tip Safely".

Martin saying hello to Mama at the local shop around the corner.

On the evening of the 22nd, Martin made a nice fire, again. Watch the video.

Nice salesman at fridge shop.

Koi is the sales lady for the fridge, here seen with Martin.

Time for lunch at Home Ming. 5 courses and 3 large beers, only US $ 12. That's cheap.

Home Ming's mascot.

Leftovers at the Home Ming. Only empties.

Lai bought Martin a new chair.

Martin is trying it out with his beer.

Martin got a new fridge.

But Lai didn't like it on a table.

The fridge is nice on its table.

Lai is trying out Martin's chair. It is cold in Thailand this Christmas.

The temperature fell to 240 Degrees. That's cold !

Sunset over the back yard.

Christmas decorations at Lai's house.

In the evening at the new restaurant, "Tip Safely" or something like that.

They had music as well.  

The next week, Thursday December 24th, it was time for Christmas.

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