Feb 5 - 6, Two days in Hue
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Feb 1 - 4

Feb 4 - Vinh

Feb 5 - 7

Feb 7 - Dieu Tri

Feb 8 - 11
Nha Trang

Feb 11 - 15

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Feb 5 was like all other days in Vietnam, wet, grey and depressing.

The misty day in Vinh.

The breakfast was OK with typical Vietnamese food.

This is the overview.

Vinh main railway station.

The train table showing the departure time from Vinh.

Geir and Martin waiting for the train.

Martin met this lass on the station. She wanted to practice her English which was good.

Travellers to Hue. Watch the video from the train on route to Hue.  
Friday February 6th started with heavy rain. We stayed at Park View Hotel, a 4 star hotel with an excellent breakfast.

Geir at the entrance of the restaurant.

The chef preparing the omelet for Martin.

Geir at the cookies' table. They were nice.


Geir at the breakfast table with the pool in the background.

The fruit selection was excellent as was the overall breakfast.

The outside was very wet. So far, we haven't seen the sun in Vietnam for 6 days.

The pool was nice and wet.

Geir coming outside to take some videos.

Here, Geir is readying his video camera. Watch the video here.

Outside the entrance to the restaurant after a lovely breakfast.

The Parkview Hotel from the outside.

The Hanh restaurant was typical Vietnamese one.

Inside the Hanh.

Geir and Martin at the Hanh. Very good food at a very reasonable food.

The set menu for the evening.

At the 9th floor of The Park View Hotel. Very nice and very expensive.

Later that evening, we had a set menu for the evening and were thought how to eat it.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for a night cap. The Vietnamese youngsters don't drink, but smoke they do.

The owner, his daughter and Martin at the walk-in caf.  

Off to DieuTri, Saturday February 7th. The weather was as miserable as any other days so far. Misty, damp, grey and depressing.

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