Jan 8 - 15, A cooll Nang Rong.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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It was a cold spell in Nang Rong this week. The public swimming pool was closed.

The view from Home Ming in the evening.

The Home Ming main sign opposite the Royal Lake in Nang Rong.

Lai getting drinking water from the local dispensers.

Lai and Martin at Home Ming.

The public pool may be closes, but the pool at Akelada Hotel is open. Lovely, and just long enough, 12,5 meters.

Home Ming is a lovely restaurant. We have lunch there 3-5 times a week. Dinner too.

The value for money is unbeatable.

The are laying new sewage pipes next to Lai's house.

We have a new neighbor, Gerhard. A real Kraut with no sense of esthetic values as can be seen here.


The kitsch that he put on top of his wall is amazing.

The sewage work goes on.

Time for food at Home Ming. Lovely, Thai food.

Time to swim again.

Nice temple entrance in Nang Rong.

Lai is having the Thai flag flying proudly on her gate.

The sewage work is getting close to finish.

Lai is cold only 20 degrees Centigrade and that is freeeeeeeeeeeezing for Thais.

Home Ming from the outside.

Home Ming's sign.

Home Ming is a nice place.

As said, cold in Thailand these days. A woolen cap is nice to have.

The final sewage pipe outside the residential area where Lai lives.

The dolphins on the bottom of the pool at Alekada.

The pool is very nice and clean these days without wind and customers except Lai and Martin.

The "Seafood Buffet" restaurant. Not so much seafood, though. See the video.

The dessert table.

Lai and Martin in their national shirts.

The top hat used for frying and cooking the food.

Bruce, the Australian neighbor of Martin and Lai.

Mama-san, the boss of the restaurant.

Nice flowers in the entrance of the restaurant.

The next day, it was swim time again.

The next week, Friday January 16th, it was still Rang Rong.

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