Feb 8 - 11, Three days in Nha Trang
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Feb 8 - 11
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Feb 11 - 15

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The Dendro Hotel is a 3 star hotel. Have a look at the pictures of the hotel. Much nicer than reality.

Off from Quy Nhon to the railway station in Dieu Tri. The cab-driver had made a hole in the tint to see better through the window. He had two nice dogs in his window.

Dieu Tri railway station.

The train tables for the trains going North to Hanoi and South to Saigon.

We got a shower while waiting for the train.

The approaching train from the North.

In between trains going North and South. We hopped on the train going South to Nha Trang. Things to do in Nha Trang.

On the train, one passenger brought this fragile flower with him. Difficult to transport.

A lady reads a man's magazine.

She had this lovely girl with her.


At Nha Trang railway station we bought tickets for births for our 8 hours train ride to Saigon in 3 days' time.

In the evening, we arrived at Dendro hotel. This is the pool at the 16th floor. Only 9 meters long. Pictures can be misleading.

The view from our room.

The restaurant was OK. A lot of Russians in this hotel. But they are better behaved than in Thailand.

The sea with the pool next door. Not in use.

The pool at the 16th floor wasn't much. Only 9 meters. You cannot get any exercise out of that.

Geir is getting dressed before going out to town.

We decided to go to the Po Nagar Cham Towers from the 7th century. Martin seen here.

A very original rubbish been in the complex. And a video showing what Martin saw.

Typical South-East Asia ruins.

You had various altars where the Buddhist could pray.

Just take off your shoes and caps.

They were nice.

There were a lot of seafood on the streets. Here is rock lobsters. In Latin it is Panulirus versicolor.

A lady chopping up chive for the food she is serving.

Geir and Martin had a beer stop before getting to our destination, the Lac Canh Restaurant.

Martin paying the bill. The Vietnamese don't have coins, only bills, the smallest one worth US 0,01.

Crossing the bridge back to the town.

It was a big rock in the middle of the harbor.

The street where the Lac Canh Restaurant is situated. Nr. 44.

Martin in the restaurant.

You cook the food on the table. No vegetables, just chicken and pork.

Nice meal and cheap beers. US $ 0,40 for 450 ml of local beers. Geir appreciate it.

Outside the Lac Canh Restaurant. The waiter took the pictures with some trouble.

A close-up of Geir and Martin outside the Lac Canh Restaurant.

Out waiter battling with taking the photos. He is not used to the various cameras.  
Feb 10th was our last day in Nha Trang. We visited the French cathedral that was closed. But Martin took a video.

Lai is a popular name in Vietnam.

We also visited the Long Thanh Gallery.

These is his diplomas.

He parked his old scooter in the middle of one of the exhibition rooms.

All his pictures were in black and white.

Shredded fish were dried in the streets. Not very hygienic though.

After the gallery, Martin and Geir had a beer at the roadside.

Geir decided to have his beard trimmed.

It worked well.

Then off to Long Son Pagoda with the resting Buddha.

They had some rules. Watch the video.

Inside the temple they had these lovely altars.

The altars were on two different levels.

This is the higher level.

Time is called for prayers.

Martin got some incense to burn.

Geir up to the sleeping Buddha.

Big he was.

Here is Buddha up close.

Off to the

The restaurant pond.

The restaurant was in the middle of rice fields.

An antique motor bike had a prominent place.

As did this rickety bridge over the pond.

One local dared to cross it.

The main entrance of the restaurant. We had a beef sweet and sour. It was a disappointment. No beef, only indelible sinew. Not very appetizing nor nice.

Back to town we passed more rice fields.

In the evening, time for some nice sea food. This was Martin's.

Geir and Martin had fun with the beers.

At a bar we got frozen glasses for the first time. Geir appreciate it.

Off to Saigon, Wednesday February 11th. We had booked us berths for the 8 hours plus trip.

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