Feb 4, Stop-over in Vinh.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Feb 4 - Vinh

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After 6 hours we arrived to Vinh and checked in at a very nice hotel, Huong Dong Hotel.

The view from the railway station. The buildings are drab and grey as in most communist countries.

They say they have Internet, but not on the trains.

The main railway station in Hanoi.

Our train is off to Saigon. We are only going to Vinh, some 6 hours away.

The train is narrow tracked and so are the coaches.

At the main railway station before departure.

Martin inside the train.

The inside view of the train.

It is not European standard due to the narrow track of the railway lines.

Martin doling some computer work on the train.

Geir with no red-eye adjustments. No red-eyes here.

Vinh is amazing. A central controlled economy as in all communist countries. They said Vinh should have fancy hotels, restaurants, entertainment etc. The problems is that there are no people here. It almost like a deserted city. We went to a big entrainment complex. Only six girls in an establishment that could house close to 1000 people. Communism is shit. We went back to bed watching CNN and playing with our computers. We have a nice time.

One of the drivers in Vinh.

The roads are wide with few humans in them.

The receptionist at Huong Dong Hotel were nice enough.

The view from the room.

Across the street, a big entertainment complex with large restaurant etc, but no people? Strange.

A veranda outside our window couldn't be used for anything.

In the end, we ended up in the hotel for dinner. Geir with the waitress.

Martin too with the waitress. Nothing else to do so we went to bed watching CNN and playing with our computers.

The dining all could house more then 200 guests. We were 8. Weird.  

Off to Hue, Thursday February 5th. Another misty day with a drizzle in the air.

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