Dec 24 - 31, last week of the year.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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This year, Martin celebrated Christmas and New Year in Nang Rong.

Martin went Christmas shopping on the 24th and got this.

Then off to the pool. There is a 54MByte video you can watch of the pool and road.

New traffic light next to the house.

After swim, time for a fish caught in the pond behind the house.

Martin on the veranda on the chair Lai bought for him for Christmas.

Lai' entrance.

Martin in his chair with a well deserved beer after his swim.

Martin even got a traveler's ring to relax in.

Next to the house, they are digging up the road for new sewage pipes.

In the evening, we went to a German restaurant. Not very good though. But the sky is lovely.

The evening glow over Nang Rong. Lovely.

Neighbor's house, unfinished for 3 years and he wants US $ 100,000.- for this piece of shit. Not nice.

They are digging a sewage trench in the neighborhood. It is steady progressing

Lai is checking her tire pressure. Martin is heavy for the bike.

The shop is a typical Thai bike shop with parts all over the floor.

Lai's son Boss pull out all these slimy mud fishes, catfishes and serve them to her family.

Dec 28th, at the pool with the thermometer to check the water temperature.

It turned out to be 260 Centigrade. OK swimming temperature.

Lai not happy.

Lai in the shower area.


Nice, tempting pool at the Akelada hotel.

Martin before swim.

Nice flowers next to the pool.



The pool is very tempting.

Swim finished.


Lai is getting ready for the pool.

Martin is having his shave after the swim.

Martin is enjoying his swim.


Lai has her traditional Thai swim suit on.

After the swim a lovely lunch at Home Ming.

Fancy bus in Nang Rong.

On December31st, the last day of the year, we took a trip with Boss' fish to his aunt La.

Lai with her brother Boe.

The pond next door to La's house.

Nice palm trees surrounding the pond.

Small palm trees.

The inside of La's house, very little furniture. It is only foreigners that use that.

New Year's Ever, 31st of December at Nong Rong's main market.

Lai is buying chicken for lunch.

Rats are consider good food in Thailand.

Lai's outdoor kitchen bench in her back yard.

The rear door.

In the evening, we went to Mama's fish restaurant. Not many persons here.

Martin waiting for his fish.

Martin's sweet and sour fish. Martin's favorite fish in Thailand.


Lai without white paint in the face. Looks nice.

Lai and her Thai fish soup. Uneatable for Europeans.

The next week, Thursday day January 1st, was the beginning of a new year.

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