Feb 7, Stoppover in Dieu Tri/Quy Nhon , Vietnam
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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This morning started with a hint of sun. Promising.

A hint of the sun in the morning.

Off to the railway station in the green cab.

Geir entering the railway station.

Geir at the platform next to the lines.

Nice post office.

The lines that the people cross.

The typical sun hat of the Vietnamese. Very practical.

One house on route to Dieu Tri. Watch the video.

The service on the train was good. All the beer you could wish for.

Inside a rather new couch on this train to Dieu Tri.

Martin met Ben. He lives in Canada and was on visit to his family in Da Nang. Nice guy.

At Dieu Tri, a happy cab-driver after receiving a big tip. Some 12 kms from the railway station.

Sea Gull Hotel was at the beach front. It is situated in the city next door, Quy Nhon.

At the front desk inside.

The pool was 15 meters long. Not too hot though.

In the evening, a hot plate was prepared.

Martin had a fish dish, cooked at the table. Nice and hot, but not spicy.  
The morning of February 8th was promising with some sun, but it didn't last long.

The cloud in the horizon was menacing.

The outdoor area at the pool seen from our room at the 7th floor.

The verandas outside the rooms.

The breakfast was excellent. So was the restaurant.

Time for a short walk. Geir is getting some local cash.

Street sign showing the father of modern day Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh.

The SeaGulll hotel from the street side.

The streets of Quy Nhon are really wide.


The Chinese New Year is coming up. February 19th this year.

The top floor bar is advertising in the lifts.


Off to NhaTrang, Saturday February 8th.

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