May 15 -17, Tuy Hoa again.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Leaving Norway for Bangkok

Mar 11
Off to Vietnam

Mar 11-15
Nha Trang

Mar 16-23
Nha Trang

Apr 1- 8
Nha Trang

Apr 12-16
Nha Trang

Apr 17-23
Nha Trang

Apr 24-30
Nha Trang

May 1- 8
Nha Trang

May 8-11
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

May 12-14
Nha Trang

May 15-17
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

May 18-23
Nha Trang

May 24-31
Nha Trang

May 28-30
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

Jun 1- 8
Nha Trang

Jun 9-16
Nha Trang

Jun 17-22
Nha Trang

Jun 23-26

Jul 1- 7
Nha Trang

July 8
Sill in

Jul 9-16
Nha Trang

Jul 17-22
Nha Trang

Jul 23
Saigon & Hans

Jul 24
Saigon & Jeeps

Jul 25
Saigon & Mekong

Jul 26
Back to Nha Trang

Jul 27-31
Nha Trang

Aug 1-8
Still in
Nha Trang

Aug 9-15
Still in
Nha Trang

Aug 16-22
Mui Ne

Aug 23-25
Still in
Nha Trang

Aug 26-31
Trio to
Phu Quoc

Sep 2-8
Still in
Nha Trang

Sep 9-16
Still in
Nha Trang

Sep 17-23
Trip to   
Con Dao

Sep 24-30
Back inn
Nha Trang

Oct 1- 8
Back inn
Nha Trang

Oct 9-16
Back inn
Nha Trang

Oct 17-24
Back inn
Nha Trang

Oct 25-31
Back inn
Nha Trang


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We went back to the hotel that we liked very much.

Saturday May 16th.

Phuong with a wooden sculpture in the reception area.

At lunch, we went to The KicoChi House, Korean restaurant in Tuy Hoa.

Phuong and ViAnh. We had visited The KicoChi House, before, actually on Dec 10, 2019.

Martin lunch. Hefty chicken.

Portrait of ViAnh.

Martin cutting up the chicken with scissors supplied.

Grandma and granddaughter.

All 3 in front of the wall of The KicoChi House.

Close-up of us 3, Martin, ViAnh and Phuong.  

Saturday May 17th, Norway's National Day.

Karel with a new Norwegian flag.

The flag outside the door in WestWood.


Karel on the entrance to WestWood.

Meantime, Phuong, Martin and ViAnh is ready for a swim 0610 local time in Tuy Hoa.

Martin and ViAnh.

Phuong in her grandma bikini with ViAnh.

Martin and ViAnh get started. Watch the video.

They are having fun.

The pool with the hotel in the background.

The sea view from the room 705.

The pool from 705.

After the swim, time for breakfast. Only us.

Out on the bike for lunch.

In the evening, we went to The KicoChi House again. Here Martin with the menu.

Phuong and ViAnh with soup.

The various ingredients for the meal.

The oven itself. Smartly done.

To the right is the soup cooking on a ceramic plate.

And then back to Nha Trang. Martin and ViAnh waiting for the train at the station.  

On Monday May 18th, we were back in Nha Trang again and Martin teaching again..

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