Dec 10-13, Tuy Hoa Again.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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Last visit before going to Norway.

We arrived in the evening of the 10th and went to the pool the next day after a heave session of English.

The pool was lovely as ever and it had been upgraded with a big sign.

A new swing had arrived that ViAnh tried out.

And a new plastic lawn also appeared. Looks very nice.

Lovely stone formation. Phuong and ViAnh.

We had a whole chicken for lunch, ViAnh and Martin.

The big chicken board with ViAnh and Martin.

Phuong and ViAnh love coconuts.

Martin and ViAnh enjoying the chicken. With soup. Really tasty. We finished the whole chicken and soup.

Cheeky ViAnh loves her food and can eat.

A local painter was doing his job on some signs. ViAnh was fascinated.

-ViAnh next to the board make.

ViAnh in a new hammock-chair that she loves.

We visited a brand new and nice restaurant, The KicoChi House, a BBQ restaurant. But no English knowledge, neither on the menu, toilet nor signs. Marketing manager need a kick in his ass. Only a telephone number +84868257257.

Lovely interior. KichoChi has a presence on Internet in the form of a Facebook page. They have no business card nor any email address. Not good.

Nice food, tasty and fun.

Food for thoughts.

Sign saying what?

Martin and ViAnh.

They are having fun.

Entrance, no English. It says Korean in Vietnamese, but not in English.



Jan 12th, another lovely day at the pool.

They are repainting the rubbish bins. Nice

Today, we were not alone in the pool. A family of 6 were there as well.

Phuong fooling around outside the gates of the pool areas. The pavement is really nicely done.

The artificial rocks had been painted as well. Martin and ViAnh together.

Even the stones got a layer of fresh paint.

Martin's favorite hotpot, salmon heads. Real tasty and healthy

New plastic lawn they got.

ViAnh likes to play around.

It is really clean, freshly laid.

Martin enjoying his soup.

One salmon eye coming up. It is just protein.

The view towards the North from our window on the 5th floor.


Off to ViAnh's sister. We stopped at the local street market to buy pineapple.

The banana section was very big. Bananas are the number 2 food in the world.

The entrance to Phuong's sister.

The living room.

ViAnh sleeps with her Aunt here.

The local Internet router is well hidden.

The desk were ViAnh is supposed to sit. Unattainable, cannot work in this rubbish heap.

Off to Kicochi restaurant again. Great fun


The barbeque setup is impressive. Particularly the salmon was very tasty.

Arguing with the staff.

Back to the hotel after some light night ice-cream.  

Jan 13th, last day in Tuy Hoa.

Here is Martin swim-ready, waiting to go to the pool.

ViAnh loves it in the water. Watch her play in the water.

GrandMa Phung also loves it in the water.

Phuong and ViAnh having a nice time together in the water.

It is mid-Winter in Vietnam. 29 degrees in the shade and 26 in the water. Time for a sweater. Phuong doesn't like the cold.

Phuong making lovely braids for her granddaughter, ViAnh.

Rabbit in the hand and in the pot. Lovely food.


We had rabbit for lunch. ViAnh was a little skeptical at first.


Off to the railway station in Tuy Hoa seen here as a mirror image.

Off we went from Tuy Hoa.

A lot of pack-packers also showed up.

Off to our train i Tuy Hoa and 3 hours before we are back in Nha Trang.

Petter Hamnvik from Narvik, Norway walked by. Nice guy that wants to settle in Vietnam due to to high costs in Thailand. Same as Martin did.

On Monay January 13th, it was time to return to Nha Trang.

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