Mar 29 - Fun at sea, dancing
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. The weather in Norway.

Daily activities
March 2010
  1. Monday
    Off to the USA

  2. Tuesday
    Houston & Space Center

  3. Wednesday
    San Antonio & Natural Bridge

  4. Thursday
    San Antonio & Alamo

  5. Friday
    Austin & Gruene

  6. Saturday
    Fort Worth

  7. Sunday
    Galveston & Cruise

  8. Monday
    At Sea

  9. Tuesday
    At Sea

  10. Wednesday
    Montego Bay, Jamaca
April 2010
  1. Thursday
    Grand Cayman Island

  2. Friday
    Cozumel, Mexico

  3. Saturday
    Fun at Sea

  4. Sunday
    Back to Galveston

  5. Monday
    New Oreleans

  6. Tuesday
    New Oreleans

  7. Wednesday
    Off to Menphis

  8. Thursday
    Memphis & Elvis

  9. Friday

  10. Saturday

  11. Sunday
    Returning to Norway

  12. Sunday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

First full day at sea with a lot of dancing.

Martin and Steinar having their early morning breakfast before getting on with it.

The central lift shaft of the boat.

Martin and one of his dancing partners, Olaug.

Olaug is a big, sturdy, nice and clever dancer. Martin love to dance with her.

In Martin's old tradition. Always a washing line in the cabin. A lot of T-shirts needs a rinse.

Steinar tries to get a tan on the crowded sun deck. Not Martin's cup of tea.

Martin prefer his beers. Here with his morning bucket of it.

Martin and Hilde from Larvik at the Captain's dinner at night. Nice girl that cold walz.

The next day, Tuesday 30th, it was another day at sea, dancing and having fun.

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