Daily activities December 2006
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  1. Friday
    On to Welcome
  2. Saturday
    On to Johannesburg
  3. Sunday
    Lunch at Bob's
  4. Monday
    Memory Lane
  5. Tuesday Not much
  6. Wednesday
    Sick Dog
  7. Thursday
    Visiting John

  8. Friday
    Reloading at John's

  9. Saturday
    Shooting Range

  10. Sunday
    Val & Anne

  11. Monday
    On to Upington

  12. Tuesday
    Augrabies Falls

  13. Wednesday
    At Upington

  14. Thursday

  15. Friday

  16. Saturday
    Shooting Range

  17. Sunday
    More shooting

  18. Monday
    Back to Cape

  19. Tuesday
    Lobster Tavern

  20. Wednesday
    Pot Koos

  21. Thursday

  22. Thursday
    Back in Norway

All Dec Photos
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Summing it all up.

Dec 17, another day at the range.

Sunday morning, Martin was fiddling with his computer and watched Johnny doing some finer work on Kolie's gun before going off to the shooting range. Nice day.

To the left, Johnny's Smith & Wesson revolver 625 that shoots .45ACP. Same as Martin bought. Both have good taste in guns.

To the right, Johnny is doing some finer adjustment on Kolie's gun.

Johnny's lathe for serious gun works.

At the range, Johnny is trying out Martin's .45. Notice his recoil control, but then Johnny has plenty of muscle mass.

Martin doesn't have the same mass and control.

As is evident at this picture, but the exercise was very good, practicing the basic of all shooting, precision.

Martin looking over his ammo stash. Still a lot to go. Decided to burn up the rest at Bellville, North of Cape Town.

All three. Unfortunately, the camera refused to have forced flash on, that's the reason for the black faces, but then, black is in in the new SA.

Johnny at his own barbeque setup. Self-made and very functional.

Close-up of Johnny's grill. Very efficient.

Nice fires the wood makes. It's camel thorn that makes dense wood good for grilling.

The hat boys, Martin and Johnny.

Kolie Beukes and Martin. Beukes was a really nice, friendly Afrikaaner that is a close friend of Johnny's.

Johnny's wife for 32 years, Daphne.

Grill bread, baked on the grill after the food was done. Very tasty.

Johnny and his potbelly. Daphne should learn how to avoid high calorie food stuff to get his tummy in.

Martin's Christmas present to Daphne. She really loves the trolls and think Martin is one too.

Johnny showing a detail of a petrol pump he is fixing for Kolie. Nice braai.

The following day, Monday Dec 18th, Martin drove down to Cape Town and Somerset West.

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Daily activities in SA during November 2006.

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