Sep 1-8, still at Champa Island.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.




Jul 1
Doc Let

Virus lockdown
Nha Trang

Martin's T-shirts

Jul 2
Doc Let

Jul 3, back to
Nha Trang

Jul 4-9,
Nha Trang

Jul 10-16
Nha Trang

Jul 19-25
Champa Island resort

Jul 25-31
Champa Resort

Aug 1 - 8
Champa Resort

Aug 9-15
Champa Resort

Aug 16-25
Champa Resort

Aug 25-31
Champa Resort

Sep 1 - 8
Champa Resort

Sep 9 -15
Champa Resort

Sep 16-24
Champa Resort

Sep 25-3
Champa Resort

Oct 1 - Dec 31
Last quarter

The gym.

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Lockdown has lasted for 7 days and 7 days to go.

Martin's shirt that Tanya gave him.

Martin enjoying a beer after his swim.



He does this very day. Lovely pool.


Pattaya shirt. Martin got this from his Bay Swim. 6 kms across the bay. That was in 2010. Long time ago.

Not 50 as this pool is.

June's registration card for her bike.

Martin keeps it to prevent her from pawning it again. So stupid.

Martin with his Caribbean shirt from 2010 trip on a cruise ship.

The shirt towards the pool.

Lovely pork steaks for lunch.

Mrs. Snotty got a blue dress on for today.

Another privileged brat. Wife of one of the board members that don't pay their due to to gym. Therefore, they can use it. Government statement state that gyms are to be closed for paying customers. As if the virus can distinguish between paying and non-paying customers.

Mrs. Snotty in her blue dress of the day. She has to use the phone.

Martin with the Cambodian shirt and ditto writing, using their own horrible alphabet.

Pool view of the Cambodian shirt. Martin was there in 2017.

June for an afternoon walk with Van.

Saturday September 4th, June made a very nice hotpot with Norwegian salmon. Excellent, very tasty and tasted like salmon.

 The table was cleared and laid out nicely.

The hotpot on the table.

Nhgi and his wife. Nice couple. He speaks fluent Russian and has a daughter in the USA.

Martin and Nhgi having a nice chat.

Nhgi spoke better English than expected.

All four at the dinner table. Picture is courtesy of June.

Martin with his shirts from Cambodia. He visited Cambodia in 2018 and 2017.

Martin at the pool at Champa.

Nice shirt.  
Water reading was 298 M3 on Monday September 6th.

The el-meter read 971,8 kWhs.


On Thursday September 9th, the lockdown was supposed to be lifted.

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