Jul 26 - 31, Champa Island resort for maybe a year.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


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Ingress comes here


These are pictures taken from our condo overlooking the sea at various times during the day. Watch the video of from the island.

The water temperature in the afternoon is 34 degrees, in the mooring 32 in the pool.
The morning air temperature is 31 and max is 36. But the aircon works very well.

Martin's main reason for moving here, Lovely pool, 50 meters long.

This is the far end of the pool, 50 meters away. Lovely. June and Martin swims twice a day here 5 times a week.

The basement shop provides for the basics of your food needs.

June inside the shop.

Martin's evening beers, 2 liters of it.

June makes lovely food. Here are some samples.


Martin's best time of the day, at the pool with is beers.


The pumpkin soup is lovely.


And so is the omelet. Martin's receip. receip receipe. He adds some South African biltong as well.


On Saturday August 31st, we had fish hotpot for dinner. Seen cooking.

The greenery you can put into the fish soup. Nice way to cook.

Every night a nicely laid table, since we are the only guests.

Before dinner and after swim, a sauna is nice. Martin and June.

After sauna, June has an evening beer.

It is lovely to sit next to the pool watching some late swimmer.

Martin and his beers.

On the way back, Martin checked the liquor prices. Very reasonable they are compared to the Norwegian ones.


On Saturday August 1st, it was time for more Champa Island.

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