October   2010

  1. Saturday
    Arriving in BKK
  2. Sunday
    First full day in BKK

November 2010

  1. Monday
    Norwegian Embassy
  2. Tuesday
    Off to Pattaya
  3. Wednesday
    First day in Pattaya
  4. Thursday
    Computer stuff
  5. Friday
    Visa hassles
  6. Saturday
    Rice Porridge
  7. Sunday
    No Cross Bay Swim
  8. Monday
    Immigration again !
  9. Tuesday
    Immigration again part II!
  10. Wednesday
    Dentist and Immigration
  11. Thursday
    Dentist & Immigration
  12. Friday
    Swim, swim and Germans
  13. Saturday
    Church, porridge and Swiss
  14. Sunday
    Fishing with no TK !
  15. Monday
    Miniature City
  16. Tuesday
    Walking Street
  17. Wednesday
    Beach visit
  18. Thursday no
    Terje and post office
  19. Friday
    Beach and Rib visit
  20. Saturday
    Relaxing for the swim
  21. Sunday
    The Cross Bay Swim!
  22. Monday post swim rest
  23. Tuesday
    Khao Talo
  24. Wednesday
    Swimming lessons
  25. Thursday
    Medical clinic
  26. Friday
    Surfbeach Hotel
  27. Saturday
    Emma Out
  28. Sunday, sick &
  29. Monday
    Kabin Buri
  30. Tuesday
    Easy day

December 2010

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Summing it all up.

Nov 21 - The Cross Bay swim
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now.

Martin did his swim and ended up as number 23 of 26, but beaten by his friend Leo of 68. Results can be seen here.

Martin and Leo, the two oldies, 66 and 68 respectively.

To the left, Martin off to his Cross Bay participation.

Martin properly suited up for the swim.

The way to go.

Kran among the officials for the swim.

Mister L522 for the long swim.

The toilet bus. Really a practical vehicle for events like these.

Martin getting ready. An overview video is taken and 50 MB long.

Martin properly suited up for the swim.

Leo, the oldest participants of 68 years old beat Martin by some minutes.

The 26 participants of the swim.

A close-up with Martin in front.

Martin and L522 ready to launch.

This picture is the official pictures from the web-page of the swim.

Another starting picture of the long swim of 3,5 kms.

The starters seen from the sea.

Getting final instructions.

In the water.

We all are on our way across the bay.

In the sea with Martin in the rear guard.

Leo68's woman. Same age as Kran, 41 years young.

On swimmer did it the easy way, got a lift with a rescue boat.

The landing zone.

The finishing line. From the time Martin saw it in the horizon, it took 40 minutes to reach it.

The landing zone.

Martin some few meters from reaching the finishing line.

Martin just set foot on land after 91,5 minutes in the sea.

Getting all freshened up.

Martin happy with his completion.

Martin and Phillip that showed us around in Pattaya in end of July 2010.

Martin at the finish.

Martin queuing in line for a well deserved beer.

Martin enjoying his beer.

Beach view as seen from Dusti Thani, the landing area of the swim.

Martin and his beers.

The short distance, 1000 meters prices.

The long distance, 3500 meters prices. Nice.

Martin, Smooth as Silk. Read poster.

Leo68 that beat Martin on the distance and on years of age.

Suited up hotel staff relaxing on the beach.

Little Sikh boy on a scooter.

  In the evening, a pig on the spit in the streets in conjunction with the Loi Krathong festival. It takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. Details can be read here.

During Loi Krathong, all Thai women try to dress up in the best clothes.

Sad little girl across the street.

Kran with the flowers which are also a part of the festival.

                  Kran, girl and Martin in the Walking Street of Pattaya.

Happy American with Martin's favorite shirt on.

Mother and child in the Walking Street. Not a good place for children.

Nice head gear.

Dancing girls. View this short video (14 MB) as well.

Dress show in the street in hounour of the Loi Krathong festival.

  Martin and Kran at The Blues Factory.

The Blues Factory is Martin's favorite music place in Pattaya.

The next day, Monday November 22nd, it was time for post Cross Bay swim relaxation.

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