Sep 3 - TAN CHAU
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 30 - Departure

Aug 31 - Bangkok

Sep 1 -Saigon

Sep 2 -CAI BE

Sep 3 - TAN CHAU





Sep 8 - Angkor Wat

Sep 9 - Angkor Wat
Regency Angkor Hotel

Sep 10 - Angkor Wat

Sep 11 - Angkor Wat
Cambodia Shooting Range

Sep 12 - Angkor Wat

Sep 13 - Angkor Wat

Sep 14 - Angkor Wat

Sep 15 - Bangkok-Jomtien

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The fish sanctuary of Vietnam.


The program for the day.

Martin's complimentary bar was well stocked. And refilled.
Lai waiting to depart.

Our ship, the Jayvaman a we go on t trip ashore.

Our Guide Tr with his life west. We were off to Cai Be and Tan Chau island. See program.

The shore line.

The shoreline.

The front of our scuttle boat that takes us ashore.

Sand for Singapore.

Our ship left behind.

Our ship with the foremost cabin 214 starboard front.

Off we go.

Sand for Singapore<.

Our ship.

Shore line.

Local town along the river.

Catholic church built in 1929 by the French.

The town itself.

Wholesale of goods of every kind.

Basically local produce by the farmer.

The commerce is brisk.

With boats of all kinds.

More boats.

And more commerce.



Nice church.

Time to go ashore.

Tri shows how to get the flesh out of a coconut.

Rice paper is made on a stove.

Then dried in the sun.

You take the coconut juice and boil it till most of the water is gone.

Then you make it into a big cack.

You roll it out.

Cut it up and wrap it in rice paper for sale. It is edible so you don't have to battle to get it off the coconut candy.

The raw material for the caramels.

Popped rice. Watch the video.

Martin with some snake brew. Good for virility, they say.

You also have a scorpion version of the same brew.

Lai and Martin at the shop. They had everything here.

Lai couldn't help herself and bought a Vietnamese army hat.

Another  local  boat passing by.

Before leaving, Lai had a chat to a local lady and her child.

Off to the scuttle boat.

Sand for Singapore.

Coffins for dead ones.

Under one of the bridges.

There were many bridges.

The water hyacinth from the Amazon are present everywhere.

Local river houses.

Tri on the scuttle boat.

Up river.

Local boat.


Another bridge.

Logging shed along the river.

Back to our ship for an excellent lunch.

Real flowers in the reception.

Before lunch, after a shower, time for a drink on the balcony.

Martin enjoyed that and spent a lot of time on the balcony.


Empty cargo ship anchored in the river.

Vietnam has lots of hydro electrical power from the Northern parts of the country.

Our scuttle boats. A sand sucker in the background.

Lai in the lounge area.

Lunch at the boat.

It is a buffet lunch and the selection of food is excellent. Both Western and local.


Relaxing in the lounge.

Nice place to stay.

Overview of the lounge.

More sand for Singapore.

Sand is obvious a big business in this lower part of Mekong.

Barges hard at work.


Sand business.


Floating houses.

Floating Houses.



Living quarters.

Typical house.

Another big  barge.

The anchors of the ship.

Another bridge across the  Mekong.


Heavily loaded ship.

Lai is playing Titanic.

More Titanic impressions before dinner.



There are numous bridges across the Mekong. These are a few of them.


On Monday     September 4th, it was time for to depart for Phnom Pehn. For where, see the map over the Mekong trip.

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