Aug 16-24, on Champa Island in Lockdown.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.




Jul 1
Doc Let

Virus lockdown
Nha Trang

Martin's T-shirts

Jul 2
Doc Let

Jul 3, back to
Nha Trang

Jul 4-9,
Nha Trang

Jul 10-16
Nha Trang

Jul 19-25
Champa Island resort

Jul 25-31
Champa Resort

Aug 1 - 8
Champa Resort

Aug 9-15
Champa Resort

Aug 16-25
Champa Resort

Aug 25-31
Champa Resort

Sep 1 - 8
Champa Resort

Sep 9 -15
Champa Resort

Sep 16-24
Champa Resort

Sep 25-30
Champa Resort

Oct 1 - Dec 31
Last quarter

The gym.

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Champa Island is a Covid green zone, while the ward around is red.

Overlooking the pool with our Laos shirts on.

The Laos shirts. Martin bought these on a recent trip to Laos in 2019.

Phu Quoc Island Shirts.

Another view of the Laos shirts. Martin has visited Laos numeour times. First time in 20187.

Martin and June visited Phu Quoc during September 2020.

MMAD-shirts from Norway. Martin's friend and lodger runs the company.

MartinK is running a construction and diving company.

The Norwegian shirts. Martin's favorite.

An, Martin's part time student that want to learn to speak English. Her parents to the right.

Nice couple we meet at the pool every day. They have a nice daughter called An which is 165 cm tall and weighs 43 kgs, giving her a BMI = 15,8 which is sickly thin. Should be no less than 20. In other words, she should be at least 55 kgs heavy.

Norwegian shirts. nice back AND fronts.

Another favorite, the "Good Morning Vietnam"-shirt. If you liked the video, here is a longer one.

August 16th, the electricity meter read was 8792,2 KWHs.

August 16th, the water meter read 291 m3.

August 23rd, the electricity meter read was 8869,5 KWHs.

August 23rd, the water meter read 292 m3.

On Wednesday August 25th, it was time for new computer. So Martin thought. Instead, a new 14 days' lockdown was introduced. Computer at the earliest September 12th.

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