Jul 4 - 9 Nha Trang.
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The school was supposed to start on Monday, but due to new outbreak of the Chinese virus, they didn't.

14 days lockdown from July 9th.

The new school, some 1.4 kms from Martin's room.

Alpha Language school. Ha and Martin visited it on Tuesday the 6th of July.

Martin outside its entrance.

Martin and Ha in the reception areas.

Good boys, Ha and Martin.

Martin in his new teaching corner.

Martin really hope the TV works. Without it, Martin cannot really teach.

Ha and Martin in the classroom.

It is a balcony at the back of the classroom with a bar across the street.

The bar is called Boom Bar. Martin would like to visit it one day.

Jenny, the shy manager of the center.

On July 7th, they had 5 cases on 3 locations in Nha Trang. Not good.

On July 9th, Martin had his daily swim. Here with pool attendant Nam.

Hotel account suspended?

The main pool at Tranviendong hotel.

Nam, pool attendant.

Both pool at Tranviendong hotel.

Martin and the sign. Prepare yourself with fresh water before entering the pool! Whatever that means?  

On Saturday June 10th, it was time for more Nha Trang.

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