Feb 1-11, in Nha Trang
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Nha Trang
Jan 2021

First week of
Jan 2021

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Jan 2021

Leaving for Vung Tau
Jan 14

Third week of
Jan 2021

Da Nang
Jan 28

Da Nang
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Nha Trang
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Feb 2021

Coastal Trip
Feb 11

Nha Trang
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Nha Trang
First week of March.

Off to Dong Hoi
Mar 24

Mar 25 - Travelling to Dong Hoi.
Mar 25

Sighseeing Dong Hoi& caves.

Visiting Hoi An

Mar 28
Visiting Hoi An

Mar 29
Dry wurs, Da Nang

Mar 30
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+847 7753 6063Mar 27, leaving Dong Hoi for Da Nang.

ViAnh arrived on the 6th to be her grandmother, Phuong.

At a lovely restaurant where we have been before.

Phuong and Marin at the table.

ViAnh can make a funny face.

ViAnh with her grandmother, Phuong.

Her grandmother bought her some fancy shoes for TET.

ViAnh and grandma.

Martin and ViAnh are having fun.

ViAnh and her pork steak. She appreciates a good steak with vegetables.

Martin's lovely, fatty dinner, crispy pork rinds. Taste fantastic, but makes you fat.

Very nice interior.

Phuong and Martin at the photo op corner at the restaurant.

ViAnh at the photo op corner.

February 11th, Martin went to the gym.

The stepping machine had all its text in Korean.                 

 Not easy to understand.

Martin at the bike.

Two times 15 minutes with weights inbetween.

Martin in the pull-up machine. Twice he does 3 sets of 4 reps on 4 different machines.

Montana hard at his weights.

Ha, Martin's boss is also a frequent guests.

Montana at the Olympic sign.

Ha at the pull-up machine.

Sometimes Ha takes a trip on the bike, but it is too short.

Ha and Martin in front of the Gym's sign.

Martin's street and where he lived till Aug 31st.

The flowers in the street are in honor of TET, the New Year's celebration in Vietnam.

Binh, Marin's landlord and his lovely daughter. Also flowers in conjunction with TET.

On Thursday February 12th, we went to Mui Ne since our trip to Mekong was cancelled due to the Chinese Wuhan virus.

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