Jan 19 - 28, Nha Trang again.
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Nha Trang
Jan 2021

First week of
Jan 2021

Second week of
Jan 2021

Leaving for Vung Tau
Jan 14

Third week of
Jan 2021

Da Nang
Jan 28

Da Nang
Jan 29

Back to Nha Trang
Jan 31

Nha Trang
First week of

Feb 2021

Coastal Trip
Feb 11

Nha Trang
Last week of

Nha Trang
First week of Feb

Nha Trang
First week of March.

Off to Dong Hoi
Mar 24

Mar 25 - Travelling to Dong Hoi.
Mar 25

Sighseeing Dong Hoi& caves.

Leaving Dong Hoi for Da Nang

Mar 28
Visiting Hoi An.

Mar 29
Dry wurs, Da Nang

Mar 30
Back to Nha Trang

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+847 7753 6063Mar 27, leaving Dong Hoi for Da Nang.

    After lovely trip to Vung Tau, we were back in Nha Trang and Martin is getting fat. Something has to be done.

Phuong found a new, nice restaurant in Nha Trang. Very good selection and nice.

Martin have a look-around at the new joint. He has his teaching shirt on,

Nha Trang Olympic training center.

It is some 100 meters from Martin's front door. Very convenient.

Martin's neighbor across the street uses it every day.

It is well equipped with markings on the floor for circular traing.

Martin's visa guy is a frequent guest as well.

One of the many areas. It covers a lot.

Mockbas are everywhere in Nha Trang due to a lot of Russian tourists in the past.

Martin's laundry. Only way to make sure he gets everything back.

Martin's shopping of South African biltong.


On Saturday January  23rd, we went to Lang Ngon Restaurant. The owner is Thao Trinh, tel. 077 244 2945.

Very nice place with a big menu and reasonable prices.

Martin outside  Lang Ngon Restaurant, a very nice looking restaurant.

Martin settling down with a cup of beers.

Phuong also had a cup.

Martin had barbequed spare ribs with honey sauce. Delicious.

They had a big selection of local wines as well, basically from Dalat.

The flower decoration were beautiful in Martin's favorite color, yellow.


On Sunday January  24th, we again went to Lang Ngon Restaurant. The owner is Thao Trinh, tel. 077 244 2945. This is the kitchen entrance.


Phuong and Martin outside the lovely entrance to the restaurant.

Martin outside making a point.

Phuong and Martin with the stone oxen outside.

Phuong playing up outside a display area for good you can buy.

Martin with the extensive menu. It is really great.

Mural on the outside.

Nicely decorated trees.

Martin with his lovely food. Beef with pineapple.



Original way to grow plants out of a plastic pipe.

Martin doing his shot of his food. Lovely.

Martin's lovely food.

On Monday January  25th, we again went to another lovely restaurant next door.

Phuongb and some lovely flower arrangements.

On Thursday January  28th, we Went to Da Nang. First dinner on iron chairs.

Big, fancy restaurant close to the railway station on the second floor. Busy waitress and no good food.

At the railway station, waiting.  

On Friday, January 28th, we went to Da Nang in the North, some 530 kms from Nha Trang.

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