Jan 30 - Sightseeing Da Nang.
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Nha Trang
Jan 2021

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Jan 2021

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Jan 2021

Leaving for Vung Tau
Jan 14

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Jan 2021

Da Nang
Jan 28

Da Nang
Jan 29

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Jan 31

Nha Trang
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Feb 11

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Off to Dong Hoi
Mar 24

Mar 25 - Travelling to Dong Hoi.
Mar 25

Sighseeing Dong Hoi& caves.

Leaving Dong Hoi for Da Nang

Mar 28
Visiting Hoi An.

Mar 29
Dry wurs, Da Nang

Mar 30
Back to Nha Trang

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Below is our map showing our sightseeing objects.

Click for bigger picture.

The morning mist seen from out balcony.

The long corridor of the 7th floor.

Morning exercise before Martin had a swim in a very refreshing pool.

The restaurants area was not big. But the food was excellent.

Very nice rooms.

Lovely flowers outside the hotel.


We visited The Paracel Islands Museum. Here are the web-site.

Here is the entrance sign.


One of the fishing boats used on the banks around the islands.

Overview map.

The islands outside Da Nang.

A nice collage made by shells showing the islands.


The 4 navy officer killed by the Chinese in January 1974.

Details about the 4 officers.

Aerial photography of the islands.

The Vietnamese Navy in Da Nang.

Some more details.

Pictures of the fighting ships.

A fishing boat from the islands outside the museum.

The lighthouse erected outside on the islands in 1939 by the French.

Details about the light house.


The attack routes by the Chinese in 1974. Later that year, China invaded Northern part of Vietnam.

Vietnam and the islands.

Details the French made on the islands.

Details of the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.

More details.

Time for a Buddhist temple.

Martin and his big, fat, Buddhist friend, Buddha.

Here is a golden version.

Details of Martin and his big fat Buddha.

A big, ugly and angry Buddha. Not nice.

The hallway around the temple.

More golden Buddha.

Martin prefers the fat version.


Off to the Army Museum. Phuong is intering the gate.

Martin and some military hardware.

The M48 tank.

Details about the tank.

SAM or Surface to Air Missile.

Used by the communist North against the American planes.

Plenty hardwar.

Missile details.

Huey helicopter.

Rocket pod.

Details about the helicopter, M1B.

Ground attack plane.

Big 175 mm cannon.

Spotting plane.

Details about the 175 mm gun.

Another artillery piece.

Russian personnel carrier.

Gun details.

The details about the spotting airplane.

More hardware.

Train coach used by the French.

Tank details.

The ass of a Mig 21 used in the conflict.

T34 from WWII used in Vietnam.

Toyota details.

130 mm gun details.

Mid 21 details.

More migs.

T34 details.

The entrance of the military base.

Time to visit a fish restaurant.

Very neat inside.

Martin had duck. Enough for 2 twice. We took the leftovers with us for the train ride on Sunday.

The fish that the restaurant is named after.

The entrance to the restaurant was very nice.

The "strekk stag" bridge.

The big wheel.

Stretch rod bridge.

End station.

Fancy stretch rod bridge.

Details of the stretch rods.

Nice briddge.

Lovely bed.  

On Sunday January 31st, it was time to return to Nha Trang.

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