Sep 11 - election, butterfly, mines and shooting.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 30 - Departure

Aug 31 - Bangkok

Sep 1 -Saigon

Sep 2 -CAI BE

Sep 3 - TAN CHAU





Sep 8 - Angkor Wat

Sep 9 - Angkor Wat
Regency Angkor Hotel

Sep 10 - Angkor Wat

Sep 11 - Angkor Wat
Cambodia Shooting Range

Sep 12 - Angkor Wat

Sep 13 - Angkor Wat

Sep 14 - Angkor Wat

Sep 15 - Bangkok-Jomtien

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Cambodia Shooting Range, Siem Reap.

Cambodia Shooting Rang in Siem Reap. Martin visited later that day and had a go with the AK47

But first, an early morning swim in the pool.

Martin have finished his early morning swim.

In the morning, there aren't many guests. Just Martin and one Chinese guy.

The breakfast was very good, a wide selection of all kind of foods.

Here is the hot setion.

Lai with some fruits.

This was the dessert section. Real nice.

Another view of the hot food selection.

The soup department.

Excellent food selection. Highly recommended. Read Martin's review in Tripadvisor.

Martin gets some language help from one of the manager before going on a trip.

Our driver is getting some petrol for his transport.

One official building.

Rice fields.

Sale stall, there are plenty of them along the road.

Fancy house.

Another one.

Some local ruins.

Fancy building.

Rice fields.


Concrete ape and other animals.

Concrete hourse.

Lone house.

Lone combined post office and police station.



Fancy house.


Bantea Butterfly Center.

Closed entrance.

What it does.

Map of the area.

Pictures of butterflies.

Some samples.

Hatching butterflies.

Some more of them.

Why we need the butterflies. Read it. Make sense.

A sample.

Lai smelling a butterfly after releasing some of them.

Another example of butterfly.

More butterflies.

Lai and a buttfly.

Details of butterfly farming. Read it.

Martin having a beer with Lai.

A butterfly larvae before hatching.

Lai and Martin.

Ceiling with butterflies.

More of them.

Lai and Martin in the garden.

Lai in a hammoc.

Lai with flowers.

One of the hatcheries.

Martin at his best.

Another butterfly.

Breeding hut for larvae.

Lai studying the signs telling the butterfly story.

Leaving the BBC.

Nice female guard.

Off to the Cambodian Landmine Museum. A somber visit to see the devilish implements of war.
Toilets are a necessety.

The landmine museum.

Implements of war.

A very nice oppset.

Explanation of the story behind the museu.

Photo gallery.

A very nice display.

More implements of war.


Landmine display.


Of all kind.

Bomb factory display.

Martin has a sober moment in front of the a display.

RPG display.

Soldiers at work.

Artificial limbs.

Claymore directorial blast mine.

Groups of soldiers display.

Lai with some artillery shells.

How to use a Claymore mine.

Armor piercing tank shells.

Long term effect of land mines.

Map over the bombing of Cambodia.

More goodies from the war.

Children's' display.

More goodies.

Walking away from a sad part of Cambodia's history. Worth while, though.

Last displa

Bomb display at the entrance.

The founder of the Landmine Museum.

An instructional mock of cluster bombs.

Another display of the founder.

Time to leave.


Martin with his favorite beers in Cambodia.

Sales lady.

Martin with a local dark beer.

Off to the shooting range.

We arrived. A 14.5 mm Russian machine gun on display.

A sales stall. You Cannot miss then.

Lai at the display. Shooting she would not. Then no trip to Norway.

Lai with an anti aircraft gun of Russian origin.

There were many of them.

Nice display.

Martin checking out ammo. They had all kinds, same price. US $ 2,- per shot. Pricey.

The entrance to the shooting range.

And of course, display of bomb and grenade casing is part of the picture.

Paying Tinus US $ 60,- for 30 AK47 rounds. Nice shooting.

A rusty old American machine gun.

Lai and her guns.

Lai with more guns, but she won't shoot. No trip to Norway.

A Russian Degtorajew and an American M60 machine gun.

Lai and her gun.

Shooting range covered in empty shells.

Military barracs.

Martin too.

The house at the range.

A dummy with an RPG. Martin wanted to try, but price was prohibitive, US $ 50,- for one bang. Too muh.

Lake next to the range.

Heading back to the hotel.

And ruins to boot.

Our trusty TukTuk driver did a good job.

The great lake next to the main ruins at Angkor Wat.

Another lake view.

Bicycle track.

Bicycle path winds its way around the trees.  

On Tuesday September 12th, it was time for relaxing at the hotel

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