Sep 4 - Phnom Penh
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 30 - Departure

Aug 31 - Bangkok

Sep 1 -Saigon

Sep 2 -CAI BE

Sep 3 - TAN CHAU





Sep 8 - Angkor Wat

Sep 9 - Angkor Wat
Regency Angkor Hotel

Sep 10 - Angkor Wat

Sep 11 - Angkor Wat
Cambodia Shooting Range

Sep 12 - Angkor Wat

Sep 13 - Angkor Wat

Sep 14 - Angkor Wat

Sep 15 - Bangkok-Jomtien

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Phnom Penh, formerly known as Krong Chaktomuk is the capital and most populous city of the Southeastern Asian country of Cambodia. Located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River.

Central Market in Phnom Penh

The program for Sep 4th, going to Phnom Penh.

Trip ashore this morning. See program above.

It went with TukTuk, a very interesting and close to earth transportation method.

It was the commie national day in Vietnam.

Local bikers.

The Mekong from the river bank.

Some yellow animals at the river bank.

Our ship, mid streams.

Local shops.

We were dumped at a big market place.

With the normal trappings of fruit of all kinds.

Jewelry was abundant.

So where people. Here Martin with another of the travelers.

Textiles a lot.

So where fruit.

Rambutan, a fruit also very popular in Thailand.

Some stinking fish was there as well.

Fresh water crabs. The Vietnamese eats anything that can be eaten as dogs as well.

Nice yellow flowers.

 As well as chicken.

Spices of all kind. Spices are used for preservation and to conceal the rotten stink of bad food.

Anything goes.

Then back to the TukTuks for a trip to a fish farm.

Leaving the market behind.

We are back on the river.

Our ship at anchor.

Arriving at the fish farm

The making of fish fodder.

Feeding the fish makes a spectacular sight. Watch the video.

This is a fish fodder boiler where they put a lot of goodies, including dead fish to make fodder. The main component is bran, the brown and nutritional par of rice. White rice has no nutritional value.

The boiler is heated with rice husk, the outside layer of rice.

Crossing under another bridge

Martin is fascinated by these big bridges.

And natural so. He is a trained civil engineer. We passed into Cambodia without noticing it.  

On Tuesday September 5th, it was time to visit KAMPONG CHAM. See map.

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