Sep 9 - Siem Reap & Regency Angkor Hotel
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 30 - Departure

Aug 31 - Bangkok

Sep 1 -Saigon

Sep 2 -CAI BE

Sep 3 - TAN CHAU





Sep 8 - Angkor Wat

Sep 9 - Angkor Wat
Regency Angkor Hotel

Sep 10 - Angkor Wat

Sep 11 - Angkor Wat
Cambodia Shooting Range

Sep 12 - Angkor Wat

Sep 13 - Angkor Wat

Sep 14 - Angkor Wat

Sep 15 - Bangkok-Jomtien

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We arrived to our hotel Regency Angkor Hotel at Vithei Charles de Gaulle boulevard.

Cambodia Shooting Rang in Siem Reap. We went there on the 11th.

The pool at the hotel.

Sunrise over the Mekong.

It is nice.

Nice colors.

It was lovely.

Full steam ahead.

The mast of our ship.

Martin On deck.

Lai with the oversized bathtub on the upper deck.

Martin coming down from the bathtub.

The Funnel. Just below, the Funnel bar.

Our stuff loaded onto the feeder boat to take us ashore.

Good bye to our ship, The Jayavaman. Named after a series of old kings in the Khmer dynasty.

Another last look at our ship.

Lai and Martin in the feeder boat.

Our guide La. He did a good job and spoke very good, slow English.

Our ship in the horizon.

The growth alongside the river bank.

More floating houses. It is a way of life all along the banks of the Mekong.

Another boat on the river.

Off the boat goes.

Nice banks.

The other boat has landed.

Offloading. We are still some 30 kms from Siem Reap.


Arrived at our hotel, waiting in the lounge.

Big, nice and cushy,

Big coaches.

While waiting for our room, we took a swim.

Lovely setup.

The pool is nicely done and laid out.

The pool with a pool bar at its end.

Greenery around the pool.

The rooms net to the pool.

Hotel details. The best rooms were used as stair wells. Strange architectural design.

More hotel.

More pool.

Sculpture next to the pool.

A nice garden next to the pool.

Lovely garden corner next to the pool.

Martin and to lovely staff members of the hotel.

Garden corner.

Pool bar.

Martin on the move.

Details of Martin and girls. The one to the left is the bar attendant in the pool.

Dining hall.

Waterfall on the hotel's preises.

The hallway.

Our bed, big and cozy.

Martin in the hallway.

Martin in the reception area.

Martin getting undressed. Inside out of the Norwegian flag, is the Danish flag.

The flags outside the hotel.

Having a beer.

Nice dining hall, but few people due to high prices.

Lai and Martin dining alone.

Nobody else there.

We were the only guests.

The view through the windows, a classical, mythological Buddhist snake.

We enjoyed our food in our loneliness.

But the food was excellent, though pricey.

Nice bathroom.

Sexy sink.

Lai likes to take photos.



On Sunday September 10th, it was time to do much on our first day in Angkor Wat.

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