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Aug 30 - Departure

Aug 31 - Bangkok

Sep 1 -Saigon

Sep 2 -CAI BE

Sep 3 - TAN CHAU





Sep 8 - Angkor Wat

Sep 9 - Angkor Wat
Regency Angkor Hotel

Sep 10 - Angkor Wat

Sep 11 - Angkor Wat
Cambodia Shooting Range

Sep 12 - Angkor Wat

Sep 13 - Angkor Wat

Sep 14 - Angkor Wat

Sep 15 - Bangkok-Jomtien

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A lovely place. But depressing. Amazing what commies can do to their own people.


A very good idea. A list with all cabins. Two numbers since the cabin takes 2 persons.


The program for the day.

In the main prison, a primary school that Pol Pot and his goons used as a prison, you have this list of behavior in general and under torture.

Another cruise ship on the river.

On route through town.

Torture rack for privileged persons like X-Pol Pot followers.

The memorial plaque outside the prison.

Our very good, soft-spoken guide La. His English was very slow, punctuated and clear. Great guide.

Pictures of the victims in the prison. Their photo was taken just before being shipped out the the killing fields outside the city.

Swing used by children and then as torture instruments by commies. The water kegs were used to revive the poor prisoners if they fainted during their ordeal. So they could be tortured  some more. Lovely concept communism.

The division of the old primary school. Privileged and non-privileged prisoners.

Cells for non-privileged prisoners. Not the ammo box in the corner that served as toilet. Commie standard.

How commies tortured their victims, fellow Cambodian. A practical descripion.

The beam used in the process. Used to be swings for children.

Details on how the torture was conducted. Still standard in most Muslim countries.

Our guide La making a point.

The outside walls.

One of two survivors still exist today. This is one of them.

Commie torture implements.

One painting of one of the misfortunate inmate.

Picture of mother and child before execution. They killed the child first in front of the mother, then the mother. Courtesy of commie boys of Pol Pot.

Standard tie-up, today called the Palestinian position. Used by commies in Cambodia and muslims all over the world today. Reserved for non-muslims throughout the world.

A memorial bell.

Pol Pot was short of ammo. Most of those killed were killed by spades, clubs, axes etc as seen on this scull.

Barbered wire around the prison. Still kept there as a memorial of the cruelty committed by commie mad-men like Pol-Pot. It is said that he got an lethal injection by a Thai doctor. It cost to much to put the bastard through the lega system. Well doen.

Off to the killing fields.

The entrance which originally was a Chinese cementary.

The route out to the killing fields.

The Cambodian National Rescue Party. The opposition party. Its leader was arrested just before election. Cambodia runs the risk of lapsing back into a dictatorship.

The layout of the killing fields.

The main memorial.

The main memorial.

Filled with sculls of hapless victims.

The hut where the sadist lived.

A torture  rack.

A sign telling you to behave under torture.

Tree used to crush the children's scull on. Nice commie boys.

Another memorial tree for a grave with headless bodies.

Another view of the main memorial building.

Clothes from the victims.

Another grave.

More graves.

Our guide La, excellent guide.

Another dead pit.

Details of killings.

The sculls.

Martin after a depressing visit. Nice to sit down.

Tastes with a beer.

A local Buddha.

Martin relaxing.
Malis, nice restaurant for lunch.

Martin, Des from Australia and his wife.

The restaurant garden.

Martin and Des sharing a beer.

Lunch table.

Off to town.

Nice houses on the way.

A lot has been rebuilt after the commies rampage.

Nice flowers in a pond.

Martin in his TukTuk.

Local streets.


Off through the city.

City buildings in Knomh Phen.

Another ship.

City view from the boat.

Lot of activities.

Back to our ship.

Barbeque next to the pool or bath tub. It was expertly done. Very good food with high quality.

Harbor view.

In the evening, a very knowledgeable, French professor talked about the modern History of Cambodia. Very interesting.

The topic he covered. He knew his stuff.

On Wednesday September 6th, it was time for Kampong Channg on the Tonle lake.

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