May 16-31, Martin is going about his ammo making.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Ammo produkjsons bilder.

Apr 21-30

May  1-15

May 16-31

Jun  1-15


Aug  1-15

Aug 12
Off to Czech

Aug 13
In Vaclavov, Czech

Aug 14
Off to Wroclaw, Polen

Aug 15
Back to Norway

Aug 16-28

Aug 29
Off to Korea


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Norway's national day is on May 17th. Martin started with cleaning floors.

May 16th, Martin is cleaning floors, kitchen, toilet and bedroom. Not nice.

The kitchen.

The bathroom.

Martin's bedroom.  




May 20th, Martin's long-term friend Kaare visited.

Here are we at Martin's favorite place, the veranda at Westwood. Martin has known Kaare since 1956 when Martin moved to Nøtterøy where he still lives at Westwood.

Kaare and Martin went to primary school together, secondary school, high school and university. Kaare got a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Martin in Civil Engineering.

May 23rd, Martin's "grandson" Karl Martin in Martin K's car. Went out shopping maintenance stuff for Martin's grill.

In the evening cleaning guns for shooting the next day.

Decapping pins, the weakest joint in the reloading chain. Martin breaks them all the time.

Martin with his .45ACP ready to shoot. The cleaning equipment in the front.

May 27th, Martin is preparing the grill for an update.

It is more than 25 years old and need to be redone. The fireproof bricks have fallen  off and need to be re-cemented into the grill.

Martin's bullet making equipment. Pots and pans for making ingots and bullet heads.

View from the coach where Martin is enjoying his empty shells, sorting the bad out of the good ones.

Bucket of .45 ammo for MartinK's revolver.

The long lost fan used to get the fire going.

May 28th, MartinK is giving shooting commands. Watch the video.
Shooting 1+2 three times.

MartinK having a jam. You never look down the barrel.

Martin's 9mm Vektor Sp1 in full recoil. Watch the video.

MartinK at the range showing the full sets of targets.

MartinK and his Lithuanian friend Brian.

MartinK has rebuild the grill. After some 25 years, It had fallen partly apart. MartinK can fix things.


Martin know how to make the formwork for the concrete to be poured.

Details of the formwork. The fire resistant brick will line the fireplace when the concrete has hardened.


For dinner, Martin had Korean BBQ.  

May 28th, MartinK took his son on a boat trip.

Here is Karl Martin with the boat his Daddy bought him.

He ended up in the boat at last.

Karl Martin on a small reef in WestFiord.  
May 29th, MartinK finished Martin's grill.

MartinK is removing the formwork for the grill.

Now, it is perfect. Just have to add the fire resistant bricks.

Now, the bricks are in place, and it will take a couple of days before it can be lit up.

MartinK also made a setup so Martin's big lead pot fits in nicely.

On Wednesday June 1st, it was time for more Westwood.

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