May  1-15 at Westwood.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Ammo produkjsons bilder.

Apr 21-30

May  1-15

May 16-31

Jun  1-15


Aug  1-15

Aug 12
Off to Czech

Aug 13
In Vaclavov, Czech

Aug 14
Off to Wroclaw, Polen

Aug 15
Back to Norway

Aug 16-28

Aug 29
Off to Korea


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Martin spent 1st of May to do some meltdown and making ingots.

May 1st, Martin is getting ready. The bath to cool down the lead so it can be knocked out of the form to shape the ingots.

The view from the other side showing the lead pot with 25 kgs of lead and tin. Tin is 2% of the lot to make it hard.

Production is under way. Old ingots almost melted down. Tin in curls.

Accidents happens. Always have protective glasses and thick clothing.

Finished making ingots.

The last dirty one and an empty lead pot.

Lovely, shiny ingots. 25 kgs of them.

Where they end up. As bullet heads in .45ACP ammo.

MartinK's lot. He got some dirty, worn old, primed cases from Finn.

Martin's best place at Westwood, at the outdoor veranda. Martin loves it there making his dinners and bullet heads.

The cherry trees are blossoming. Hope to get some cherries in late June.  
May 5th, Martin did some casting.

The result after 5 hours work. Some 12 kg casted into bullet heads.

To speed up the process, Martin melts the top-up of the lead by pre-melting it. The pot doesn't have the capacity to do that.

Of 25 kgs, only some 5 is left. That is some 2 hours.


May 6th, Martin did some lubrizising of his cast bullets.

In the basement, the bullet are lubed and sized down to the correct size. For 9mm, .357 inches. Martin watches film while he is finishing the bullet heads. Now, basically 9mm. Martin has more than 1000 heads in cal. .45ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol).

Late at night around 2100 hours at Westwood. Martin loves it on his veranda.


Guided tour to the basement.

Guided tour around the house.

May 12th, Martin had a meeting with his sisters.

From the left, Jorunn, Ellen and Martin.

Scarf cunts are omnipresent. They Islam is destroying any society they infects.

Martin's washing line.

In the basement, time for  lubrizising again.

Martin found some extra moon-clips for the .45ACP revolvers.

On Monday May 16th, it was time for a doctor's visit.

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