Aug 13, vist the town of Vaclavov.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Ammo produkjsons bilder.

Apr 21-30

May  1-15

May 16-31

Jun  1-15


Aug  1-15

Aug 12
Off to Czech

Aug 13
In Vaclavov, Czech

Aug 14
Off to Wroclaw, Polen

Aug 15
Back to Norway

Aug 16-28

Aug 29
Off to Korea


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A lazy day with a nice swim and at MK's house.

MK'a house in Vaclavov, Czech. An old farm some 160 years old.

Our rental car, a Spanish made one.

Waiting on MK's veranda.


Time to get some new shoes. The old ones were crippled.


Plenty lockers at the swimming pool.

Centrifuge for swimsuits is a nice touch.


Martin is having an after-swim beer. Pilsener, best beer in the world.




Really nice with two.

Martin and the nice lady that served him.

In the evening, off to the Irish Pub. MK and Lena in front.

At the table, our neighbors.

Our waitress.

Lena enjoying her chicken.

Martin's smoked ribs. Really smoked.

MK is paying the bill. They don't take cards.

MK and Lena back to the car.

Local gypsy school.

Local gypsy block of flats. Ex Russian army barracks.

Lena back at MK's house.  

On Sunday August 14th, it was time to return to Wroclaw in Poland for a stay over til the next day.

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