Aug 15-28, 2022. Last forthnight in WestWood.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Ammo produkjsons bilder.

Apr 21-30

May  1-15

May 16-31

Jun  1-15


Aug  1-15

Aug 12
Off to Czech

Aug 13
In Vaclavov, Czech

Aug 14
Off to Wroclaw, Polen

Aug 15
Back to Norway

Aug 16-28

Aug 29
Off to Korea


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Martin got is driveway re-tarred. Needed after 56 years last time.

August 18th, the tarring people arrived. They are from Nøtterøy Asfalt and did a very good job. Fast and efficient.

They had a lot of equipment and machine. The tar dumpster.

Finished the entrance part in front of the door.

One of the efficient workers.

Martin Kubat has gotten two strips of tar for his van.

The strips and the compacter.

In front of the entrance.

It looks neat.

The drain is  seen clearly next to the storm drain.

Martin's garage is a mess.

Lovely view from the garage.

They leveled it in such a way that the water went into the drain. Perfect.

Another view of the water from the tap.

Martin packed his T-shirts for the trip.

August 20th, Martin's oldest sister, Ellen and her man Pål, popped in for an informal barbeque.

It was a lovely green evening.

August 21st, Martin cleaned the garage. The runoff was very good.

MK's spare keys for goodies.

August 25th, Martin had his Rock'n Roll shoot with Per Helge Hansen og Espen Pedersen. Getting ready.

Right hand, left hand. Watch the video.

  August 26th, Martin visited his sisters in Sandefjord some 35 kms away. Martin took the bus and 3 pints of beers on the bus.  
Ellen to the left and Jorunn to the right walking to the Burbad pub.

The Kurbad outdoor pub in Sandefjord is popular.

All 3 siblings together.

Close-up at the Kurbad.

Ellen's boyfriend pop around to say hello.

then we moved indoors.

Martin ordered one of the local specialties, smoked whale meat.

Very good and tasting.

What made the fortune for Sandefjord in the 40-ties and up to mid 60-ties. Whaling. Here is one of the gun used.

Martin's reloading table with the press ready for a new session in 2023. Hopefully not in Oct 2022.

August 28th, Martin had his farewell party with his lodgers at WestWood.

Martin, Karel, Christian and JAP at Martin's front porch having a farewell party.

Martin loves making smoke before the grill is ready to use.

Karel is very sociable and like to mingle with men.

Karel having a chat with JAP.

Karel learned a lot about lengths. Christian is showing him how a measuring tape works.


Karel making a point with the fork.

The grill burnt down after 4 hours. It did its job.  

On Monday August 29th, Martin was off to Korea.

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