Mar 28 - Visiting Hoi An.
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Nha Trang
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Da Nang
Jan 28

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Off to Dong Hoi
Mar 24

Mar 25 - Travelling to Dong Hoi.
Mar 25

Sighseeing Dong Hoi& caves.

Leaving Dong Hoi for Da Nang

Mar 28
Visiting Hoi An.

Mar 29
Dry wurs, Da Nang

Mar 30
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A hectic day in Hoi An.
The day that Martin should return to Norway, but his ticket was cancelled for the 5th time.

The pool of Vinpearl Da Nang. Very fancy and expensive hotel. Or so Martin thought.

River view from our hotel.

Very big and nice restaurant with virus-check before entering and cleaning of hands.

Martin's standard breakfast. Nice VN soup with omelet, bacon and sausages.

Phuong and the flowers in the lobby which was enormous.

You got your omelet and could choose what else you wanted to it. Very smart.

Japanese city of Hoi An.

Lovely old houses dating 400 years back in time.

Some of the temple entrances.

Street view.

Phuong with replica ship used in the trade with Japan over the last 400 years.

Martin at its stern.

Japanese delegation visiting in 2017.

Martin and the Japs.

At the Covered Japanese Bridge. Still standing.

Martin on the covered bridge.

Martin wanted to see some posters, but it was closed due to the Chinese virus shit.

Lanterns are the big thing in Hoi An. The festival was closed due to the Chinese virus shit.

Nice House.

The history of Hoi An and the Japanese part of it.

A photo exhibition. Very interesting.

The river with a floating dragon on it.

Phuong and some Chinese plastic dolls.

Martin and the dolls.

Inside a dull museum.

Out on the street again.

Busy streets, but hardly any foreigner.

Having a break.

It was a nice trip.

Inside a trade museum where they had a model of the trading ship some 400 years ago. Phuong having a look.

Martin too had a look.

Then off to the river for half an hour sailing. Very good idea.

Local ships.

The bridge over the riverl

Phuong in the front.

Martin in the back.

A lot of houses were built along the river.

A factory producing enormous Buddha statues in stone.

Row upon row of fancy housing nobody can afford.

Boats along the river.

Lanterns on the boat are the main thing.

Time for a rickshaw trip. Very nice way to see the city streets on.

Martin's number.

Vegetable market.

Stacks of them.

And a wide selection of everything that grows.

View from the bridge.

Plenty of boats.

Last beer at Madam Kieu. They even have email, but does anybody answer? Difficult question.

VinPearl by night.

On Monday March 29th, it was time for picking up dry boere wors.

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